Top 10 Best Islands To Live On [For Every Kind Of People]

When living on an island one should consider aspects of fresh tropical fruit, soft sandy beaches and unique, communal culture. Although each island is different so its accommodation and local food value are different from the other and so are the cultural qualities. So finding the right fit for you can be difficult. If you are interested in the concept of life on the island then this article will be useful for you.

It used to be very expensive to live on the island. But now with the advent of technology, living on any island is more comfortable and more sensitive than ever. There are a few things to keep in mind before choosing an island to live in. You have to choose the island depending on your tastes, needs, preferences, facilities, weather, budget etc. Here is a list of some of the best islands to live on for Families. Read our list of the best islands to survive.

10 Best Islands To Live On & Retire-Paradise Of Earth

Best Islands To Live On

1.Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is the largest banking island in the world. Where there are plenty of opportunities to be money-conscious. Anyone who wants to go there must have a valid work permit before arrival. So don’t go for one way ticket right now. So it is important to further strengthen employment before living there. The length of their work permits in most cases manages foreigners ’minimum time of two years but some Americans get the opportunity to stay permanently.

  1. Population: 60,413
  2. Language Spoken: English
  3. Average rent for one bedroom apartment: $ 874
  4. Home prices starting: 150,000

2.Ambergris Caye, Belize

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Life in Ambergris is very quiet. Here in the morning rush hour there are a dozen bikes plying the city of San Pedro over the bridge. Around this city, everyone is familiar with each other. People remember faces, names are less important here. French community, yoga community, divers, fly-fishermen, sailors live here. Everyone here eats dinner or whatever.

  1.  Population: 13,381
  2.  Language Spoken: English
  3. Currency: Belize Dollar
  4. Average year-round temp: 79˚F
  5. Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $ 900
  6.  Home prices starting: 200,000

3.Sicily, Italy

Sicily, Italy

The architecture of Sicily is very beautiful and so are its sweets. In fact, all the food on the island has flavors and flavors. The island is famous for its food. You can try the restaurant here. Any star hotel you have is a two-star hotel run by Michelin Chef and is well known for its pastries and gelatos.

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Olives, cheese, ripe tomatoes and bread are sold at the open air market in Palermo Ballaro. This is the perfect place for a Sicilian summer breakfast. There are magnificent Madonna hills which are ideal for traveling with children.

  1. Population: Five million
  2. Language Spoken: Italian
  3. Currency: Euro
  4. Average year-round temp: 60˚F
  5. Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $ 400
  6. Home prices starting: $ 170,000

4.Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

Find the Maui tribe then find the Maui beach. Baby Beach gathers near Lahina, northwest of Mother Island, with small children. The only way to spend time on the island is surfing. The best chance to find your happiness is to immerse yourself in the life of the island. People live a very ordinary life here.

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They work harder. The island is known for nature hikes, whale watching tours, mountaineering and snorkeling trips. The lifestyle of the island is not about property purchase or ownership. It has been proven that those who live here are healthy and long-lived. This island is best for beach bums.

  1. Population: 160,000
  2. Language Spoken: English
  3. Currency: USD
  4. Average year-round temp: 75˚F
  5. Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $ 1,400
  6. Home prices starting: 50 450,000

5.Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. The island has everything including the top mountains in the forest, high-dining dining, championship golf courses and internationally renowned beaches. Phuket is an ideal place for many foreigners around the world. Here is everything you need.

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Top level treatment equipment is available and its price is reasonable. There are imported goods in the grocery stores which are very affordable. Foreigners cannot own land on the island in their name but they can buy a house and lease the land.

  1. Population: 620,000
  2. Spoken language: Thai, English
  3. Currency: Bahat
  4. Average year-round temp: 84˚F
  5. Average rent for one bedroom apartment: 10 510
  6. Home prices starting: 168,000

6.Roatan, Honduras

Roatan, Honduras

Roatan is an island off the east coast of Honduras. Small communities of large population minorities live here. You can easily buy land or an already built house compared to other countries.

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Facilities like charities, studios and high-end restaurants and all kinds of luxuries are enough for you to get to Roatan Island. You can enjoy life here at a slower pace.  get quality housekeeper, child care, kitchen or home protection for an affordable price. enjoy this benefit by spending only 15 doller per day.

  1. Population: 60,000
  2. Spanish, Bay of Plenty Creole, English
  3. Currency: Honduran lempira, but USD is widely accepted
  4. Average year-round temp: 80˚F
  5. Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: 500 500
  6. Home prices starting: 100,000

7.Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The densest place is Hong Kong. The city is good for life and there is an exotic community here. It’s like going to a city in the United States, everyone speaks English but it’s much easier to meet new people. Finding new people is also easy.

  1. Currency: USD
  2. Average year-round temp: 72˚F
  3. Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $3,200
  4. Starting home price: $675,000

8.Key Largo, Florida

Key Largo, Florida

Key Largo Island is the best for starting a family. Here you can do water climbing, surfing, diving, skiing and fishing. This is perfect for your kids because here you can have your kids surfing, diving, skiing and fishing. Key Largo is a very promising place for learning.

  1. Population: 11,000
  2.  Language spoken: English
  3. Currency: USD
  4. Average year-round temp: 80˚F
  5. Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $1,000
  6. Starting home price: $250,000

9.Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia

Deposit 90,000 at a local bank in Malaysia and you can pick and choose any of the cheapest islands to live in. Major residential projects have been developed here recently. So you can enjoy all the benefits of living here. Moreover relocating here is a relatively easy process so you can choose this place effortlessly for living.

  1. Population: 700.000
  2. Language spoken: Manglish (Malaysian-English)
  3. Currency: Malaysian Ringgit
  4. Average year-round temp: 83˚F
  5. Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $260
  6. Starting home price: $98,000



Ireland may be a bit cloudy but it dries up in a very short time. It is one of the richest countries in the world and it is a complete nation. Despite their newfound prosperity, they have not lost the reputation they have gained for their friendship and family feelings. With a monthly budget of about $ 2,600, a retired couple can spend a comfortable leisure time here.

  1. Population: 4.904 million
  2. Language spoken: English
  3. Currency: Euro
  4. Average year-round temp: 50˚F
  5. Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: 1,381.79 €
  6. Starting home price: 150,000 €

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