Does The No Contact Rule Work If You Were Dumped?

I think no contact rule is very effective after break-up. When someone throws you away, if you have no contact with him, he misses you and wants to get back into your life. Again it is very difficult to recover the emotions after the break-up.

But I think it’s more effective than contact to get ex back. Because when you are in contact with your ex, your pain will be doubled. Repeatedly calling him, begging him for communication is more effective in no contact than all this.

You will lose your value when you do that, and he will be annoyed with your message. I know you love him but he dumped you. But did you know that if you do not communicate with him, he will start to miss you. As you can accept that, I will solve that problem.

Does The No Contact Rule Work If You Were Dumped

I can tell you from some of my own break up experiences. I used to call him and cry when I had a breakup. But he was annoyed when he heard me and scolded me. Is that why I was so frustrated? But when I made this decision no control I quickly moved away from that past.

It set me apart from my ex and removed the hardships that befell me. So I would suggest everyone not to contact it really works like magic.

Does The No Contact Rule Work If You Were Dumped?

When you have no contact with your ex, you can make all the decisions in your life on your own.

This will allow you to forget if anything worse has happened in your relationship. Development will also happen in your personal life. Be able to recover emotions. You can even go into a relationship with someone new if you want. I say this for your convenience.

No contact may bring your ex back or not. It will be depended on the whole situation and your ex. No contact will be very effective if your ex wants you time or is overwhelmed. And if you do, you will respect their request. And they get the space they want.

No contact will be very useful if he need time off. Or it is very effective to remove the family drama that has been created for your relationship.

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But if you are completely broken after a break-up, then no contact is very necessary for you. And if your ex really loves you, he will come back and apologize to you. And I think you should forgive him because he might have had a problem too.

But there are many relationships that have complex issues that ultimately lead to breakups. But you are not communicating because of no contact, so you can not discuss the problems. You will not able to fix what happened. No contact will reduce the anger of you and your ex. But in No Contact Rule are allowed your ex and you to go on a date with someone. In one case, your ex may not come back to you. It may be that this will block the means of reconnecting, rather than helping you.

Now you can think of how no contact rule will work positively. These rules will be very effective in getting your ex back.

Stay Calm

stay calm

Stay calm when your ex wants to break up with you. Stop blaming him and being hostile to him. Doing so will only make the relationship worse. But when you stay calm, the relationship will be by your side in the future.

When you do this your ex will come back to you and ask you to fix the relationship and he will apologize to you for his mistake. Because he will see that you did not break up or blame him even after he left.


Because at the moment if you want to make an objection then the problem will get worse. You don’t force your ex to stay with you or come back to you.

You might think that if it works then your ex will come back to you.

When there is a breakup, it is no longer possible to talk well with the ex. And if his relatives are not in contact, then you can control yourself from causing damage.

Limit yourself from any damage and think about how to fix everything with your ex in the future. And it allows you to give time to your ex.

Positive Effect

Positive Effect

See how No Contact works. You never fought with him over anything. Never cheated or abused his family. These good qualities of yours will always be in the mind of your ex.

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And these good qualities of yours are enough to attract your ex. So giving your ex your space or not having any contact with him will respect his decision. And when you don’t communicate with him, he will start to miss you. And the moments spent with you will start to be missed.

Stay Patient

Stay Patient

But it will not work very fast so you have to be patient. If you give him the space he has requested from you, your break-up will be short-lived.

No contact means do not give any message or call. Even refrain from liking or commenting on his post on any social site. Stop giving any picture of date on social site. Because when you post a picture, he will realize that you are doing it only to make him jealous.


The first week try to adhere to it as much as possible. If your X does not return within the first week, continue the No Contact Rule.

At some point your ex will realize your absence and start to miss you. And when he starts to miss, he will come back to your life by himself. So I think no control is very effective in bringing back your ex.

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