Did You Visit Glacier Bay National Park? [You Should]

Glacier Bay National park is a vast park in America, which is located along in the North West corner of the Canadian border, Montana. This is the only national park that has a miracle position. This park is involved in two nations. These two nations are the USA and Canada.

Did You Visit Glacier Bay National Park?

What Is Glacier Bay National Park Named For?

Glacier Bay National park is named for its Glacier peaks and beautiful valleys.

How Big is Glacier Bay National Park?

Glacier Bay National park has a vast area. The park covers almost 3223384 acres, which are 5037 square miles and 13045 square kilometers. In 1979 Glacier Bay National park became a part of the UNESCO world heritage site.

 The Best Time To Visit Glacier Bay, National Park

Summer is the best time to visit Glacier Bay, National Park. There are two ways to go to the park. One way is going to by the Sun Road. The Sun Road Is open in summer. The Sun Road will open almost from June 22. After opening the road, all visitors can go there by road smoothly.

If the road is not open, If the route stays close, even you can visit the park without using the road. In this matter, you should use the west waterside to explore that part. Now take the decision when you go to visit the park. Because at this time the temperature is so cold in there. However, Glacier Bay National Park is open in Spring, Autumn, and Winter little. But at this time, you can also enjoy seeing amazing natural wonders.

How Many Days Do You Need In Glacier National Park?

If you want to take the real flavor of traveling, if you’re going to see all the beauty of this park, Then I tell you that don’t stay in Glacier National park for 1 or 2 days. Please visit there at least 4 or 5 days if you stay there for 4 or 5 days then I sure that it will be a real adventurous trip for you in this park.

I have already said the park is located in northern Montana and Kalispel MT is the closest airport. Glacier national park border Canada is linked to Waterton national park there. You Had better come to choose here from Calgary. This way will be easy than from Scatter.

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I am suggesting to you To spend more time in Glacier Bay national park to enjoy everything. And it won’t be disappointed for you. After visiting everything in the park, you will easily believe it that. The Glacier Bay national park is one of the most spectacular parks of all the United States parks. I am sure this trip will be so valuable and your precious time.

What To Consider Before You Take A Trip To Glacier Bay National Park?

Glacier is one of the best national parks. That is why the park can get a lot of the number of visitors in Summer. For that reason, you should book your accommodation at least some months ago.

In this park, both sides have camping and lodging options, but you had a better choice to stay at the western entrance. You can take all the opportunities from here and also the hotels are very near from here.

The park has several first-served Fires come campground options. That’s why if you want to go camping in the park then you can do it. If you arrive at the park in the morning and if there all campgrounds stay full, you have not be a worry. You will stay in these campgrounds.

When you go there in alone or with family, you should take all kinds of season cloth because in there sometimes the temperatures make low and at a pretty high elevation. If you go there in Summer even, you should plan for the cold temperatures. So be prepared for facing all kinds of weather when you are visiting in Glacier national park. This preparation will help you a lot to stay there.

What Is The Best Way To See Glacier National Park?

Driving and hiking is the best way to see all the beautiful scene which have in this park. There are many parks in which you can see all only by driving. In this park, if you don’t want to enjoy driving a vehicle or car then easily then you can enjoy to see everything by hiking and also it will be easy for you. If you want to see by any vehicle or car then also you can do it. If you want to stay here for some days, then this option will be very good for you. And if you want to stay there for 1 day or some hour, then you can enjoy all the things by hiking.

You should take sturdy hiking shoes to make your trip perfect. You have to go hiking several miles a day; that is why it is more important to take particular shoes; otherwise, without taking it, you may face some problem. You will feel un comfort without it. Without shoes, you won’t be able to enjoy this park rightly.

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There is a one essential things which you have to follow on your trip. If you are coming from a lower elevation, then you have to be very familiar and should take the trip easily first some days to accept the new weather and place and to avoid any sickness. You should also drink a lot of pure water to avoid elevation sickness. When you want to go on any trip, you should keep some sterile water bottle in your bag.

What Are The Main Areas Of Glacier National Park?

There are some particular areas to see or enjoy in Glacier National park. If you want to see by driving then generally you have to choose the Sun road. This specific road only opens for several months in a year. To connect both the east and west entrance of the park, this is the leading way. You can see a significant beauty or primary side by going to the road.

The east entrance is very popular for ST. Mary lake and western entrance famous at the right side from the entrance of the west.

There are some other main areas In Glacier National park. These are Many Glacier and Two medicine, which stay on the east side and the northwestern side. There is also a famous Pole Bridge.

About Bears in Glacier Bay National Park

There are staying some animals in this park. Bear is one of them. You should be careful. When you will out hiking or camping in the park. Because this park has many bears, and they are active around the garden.  It would be best if you took a bear spray in your bag to avoid any bad situation. Without bear, there is no other animal to become afraid. That’s why you should carry the particular spray which gives you to stay confident, and also you should not make too much noise.

Glacier National Park Entrance Fee And Passes

Glacier has different ticket options. If you want to get a seven days pass, you have to pay 35 US Dollars per family or vehicle, or if you wish a yearly pass, you have to pay 70 US dollars.

There is an alternative option to get a pass. If you want to visit several parks in the same year, you can get an American beautiful annual access. From my point of view, this passes option will be the best option for you to visit the national park.

For One Day In Glacier Bay National Park.

If you want to visit the park for only one day, then enjoy seeing the best sides of the park. You have to see the dark sides as much as you can at this time.

You should visit From the East Entrance by going to the sun road to the west entrance. This way will be your best way to enjoy yourself for a single day in Glacier Park. If you want to start your journey from the morning by driving, you can also stay on the west side.

In Summer, if you visit the park going by the Sun Road with your car or any other vehicle much time, you can’t find the right place to park it because the parking is very short limited in Logan Pass. That’s why you should start your journey from a very early to avoid any bad situation.

Logan Pass

Starting your journey before 7 am. You will see many beautiful sights by going to Sun Road from the morning time. You have to take Logan Pass first to make your visit peacefully. After taking Logan Pass, drive with it and limits your stops.

When you will come back watching the beautiful sides, start at the top first with your Logan Pass. Getting Logan to pass from the top side, you have a great chance to see the local plants, animals, and many things from there.

Hidden Lake Overlook

You have a great option to see Hidden Lake overlook by hiking. In this way, you also can see some beautiful natural views, many wildflowers, small waterfalls, etc.

St Mary Falls

After visiting Hidden Lake, you can see St. Mary Falls. After getting Logan pass, you can go to see the ST marry Falls. St Mary Falls is located about 6.5 miles back down from the mountain, and there you can park your car quickly without facing any problem, but you have to take the Logan Pass earlier, which I have already told. From here you can take a short trip by hiking easily.

Going To The Sun Road

By going to the Sun Road, at first, you have to cross over the Logan Pass, then the west side of Glacier Bay National Park; you will have jaw-dropping views. From there you can see several waterfalls, some beautiful valley.

Avalanche Lake and Trail of the cedars

Before finishing the day in the evening, you can look at the most beautiful sunset over Lake Mcdonald.

Two Days In Glacier National park

If you want to stay there for two days to enjoy all the beautiful sides, then I tell you the best way to see the scenery of Glacier Bay National Park.

First Day: East Glacier

On the first day, you had better go and see all the things which have in East Glacier. You can do the hike, enjoy ST Marry Falls and Virginia Falls, etc.

Second Day: West Glacier

On a second day, go first to hike through the Trail of the cadres. It will be perfect and the go-to Avalanche Lake that you can go to John’s Lake Loop. Here you also find to see some great rive and beautiful waterfalls views. When the day is going to finish, before it happens, you should go to the town west Glacier to take some outstanding food like ice-cream, pies, candy shakes, etc.

Three Days In Glacier Bay National Park

Day 1: East Glacier.

Day 2: West Glacier.

Day 3: Many Glacier.

Though Many Glacier is located on the east side of Glacier Bay National park there, you have the best chance for two best hikes (1) Iceberg Lake (2) Grinnell Glacier. Iceberg Lake will be a more adventurous force hike than Grinnell Glacier.

4 Days in Glacier Bay National Park

If you want to stay for four days in Glacier Bay National park, it will be excellent for you to see many sides. You can see a lot of sides in this park. Follow these;

Day 1: East Glacier.

Day 2: West Glacier.

Day 3: Many Glacier.

Day 4: Two Medicine Lake.

To see the beautiful waterfalls, you just rent a rowboat or small motorboats and go there by on Two Medicine Lake. It will be so easy and simple to hike and enjoy.

5 Days In Glacier Bay National Park

If you want to stay for 5 days in Glacier Bay National park, then you can enjoy and see almost everything which has in this park. How can you see all the sides of this lake, I suggest that in below;

(Day 1 to day 4) will be like that which I have already describe up. Now I am going to tell you about the routine of day 5.

Day 5: The Highline Trail

The Best Day Hike in Glacier NP: Highline Trail - The Break of Dawns

After four days when the last day will come, I mean on the Fifth day you should go for a hike by car to the Highline Trail. The Trail is almost 13 miles long, and by this trail, you can see some of the best views in Glacier Bay National park. You can enjoy there hiking for the whole of the day, and it will be so much adventurous surely.


If you want to stay 1-5 days in the park, follow the suggestion. If you follow these, your trip will be such beautiful, enjoyable, and adventurous. Just go to visit there and enjoy the journey.

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