What He Think When You Ignore Him.[Man Thinking’s Guide]

Man has a lot of ego in their minds and they are also complicated. Sometimes it seems that they can’t stay without us. Again they act like that they do not need us. The big reason of that we give them more attention. So they thought that if they ignore us, we will never leave them.

That’s why we should also ignore them. We should act in such a way that nothing happens to us. And when we start ignoring them, they will be more attracted to us. You will stop texting him first. And you have to stop waiting for his message because you have also your own life. How will he feel when you start ignoring him? Will he be attracted to you or will he move away?

What He Think When You Ignore Him-8 Think Are Man Spin Around

What He Think When You Ignore Him

1.You Are Busy

You Are Busy


You call or text him first every day. But when you start ignoring him, and he doesn’t get your message or phone, he’ll think you’re busy. Then he will be waiting for your message or phone the whole day. When he doesn’t receive your text, he will call you on his own. Isn’t it amazing?

2.You Are Angry With Him

You Are Angry With Him


If he really loves you, he will think you are angry with him. He would then wonder what he had done wrong with you. He will call and text you again. This time he can also plan about the surprise to calm down your anger. He will give you more attention than before.

Well, sometimes it can be the opposite.

3.You Are Rude

You Are Rude


When he texts you repeatedly and you don’t respond, he will think you are rude. And rudeness does not attract anyone. The one who truly loves you will never want you to be angry with him. Ignore it but don’t let it get too much. Because sometimes everything extra will become something worse than good.

4.You Are Finding New

You Are Finding New

When you don’t respond to him, he will think you are ignoring him. And he’ll think you’re probably busy with someone and he will lose you. He’ll think he’s not giving you enough time, so you’re letting him go. He who loves you will never know how to lose you. And he won’t want to lose you and take the next step. Well, isn’t it a great way to get a man to take things to the next level without giving any pressurize?

Well, maybe this way help you.

5.You’re Not Interested

You’re Not Interested

If he doesn’t get any response from you, he will think you are not interested in him. He will try to impress you to get your attention. He texts you and wants to build chemistry. Then don’t ignore him anymore, because he’s perfect for you. You both make for each other.

But if he doesn’t want you from the heart, he won’t see your negligence. He will look for someone better than you. I know its sounds so bad. But if he leaves you, you’ll think he’s never been perfect for you.

6.You Want His Attention

You Want His Attention man

You are ignoring him so that you can get closer to him. You want him to take care of you, to make you feel.

But the funny thing is, there are some guys who can figure out what you want. When you start ignoring him he will notice it. And he will find out the reason behind your ignoring. If he loves you, he will understand that you need his attention.

7.You’re Playing Games

You’re Playing Games

When you ignore him for a long time and don’t respond to him, he will think that you are playing games with him. He will not understand that you are doing this to get his attention. Because there are many guys who do not like complicated. They don’t understand the clue, just tell them directly that you need his attention.

8.You Don’t Need Him

You Don’t Need Him

A high-quality person will always take care of his woman. He will notice that you have stopped texting or calling him as before. He will communicate with you and talk to you. If he realizes, you’re ignoring him and not responding, he’ll think you don’t need him anymore. Then he will let you go.

They want to feel like a strong guy who can always save you from strangers. And whenever they don’t feel that way, he won’t be attracted to you. You make him feel that he needs him.

9.You Won’t Make a Good Girlfriend

You Won’t Make a Good Girlfriend

When he feels that you are ignoring him, he will think that you are not a good girlfriend. Then he will not want to continue the relationship with you. He’ll think, you don’t love him and it’s just a one-sided love. He will think you won’t be a good girlfriend and he won’t be happy with you. He doesn’t want this kind of relationship anymore.

When you ignore him, he will think about these things. Now many questions may come to your mind, and let me answer those questions.

Should You Ignore A Guy?

Should You Ignore A Guy

First, you need to know what is ignoring and what is pulling back. Ignoring means he is trying to contact you but you are not responding. He is texting you, you are not replying. He is calling you but you are not receiving the call. And if you simply want his attention than before, you’ll just stop texting him first.

When he notices that you are not texting him at first, he will start to miss you. And when you see him giving a message or a call, you will respond to him. In this way, the relationship will be beautiful.

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