Why Are Horror Movies Bad? [Effects Of Watching Horror Movies]

“Anabelle, It, It chapter 2, The Conjuring, The Conjuring chapter 2, Resident Evil, Insidious, Don’t breathe” seems to, be familiar to you? Then obviously you are a movie freak. And you would get some higher degrees if any degrees were given for piercing the movies thoroughly.

These mentioned movies are ranked as the most horror movies ever made in Hollywood history. Just every moment of these movies contains excitement and terrible horrific scenes.

You will be able to catch up with my words if you have already watched these movies. So, why are horror movies bad?

Movies are one of the best ways to be entertained for the people who pass their leisure time with depression and boring mood. And, there are many masterpieces in the movie industry that will not only fulfill your basic need for entertainment but also will give you decent learning to lead a beautiful life.

As I am a movie freak, I know that not all movies will give you decent learning.

Some movies are not carrying any meaning that will not help you in your life. To be frank, many people personally don’t recommend anyone to watch a horror movie. You may claim that horror movies have some advantages. But the reality is they have more disadvantages than advantages.

Horror movies are bad in many ways like psychological effects, physical effects abnormalities, and time wastage. It is not right to say that horror movies are just useless to be seen. The truth is their pros are very less than the cons that they possess.

As I am a sufferer and was a horror movie freak, I am providing you the reasons for which I will not suggest you and others watch horror movies.

At first, I will provide you some benefits of watching horror movies in short. Then the reasons for which horror movies are bad to watch will be discussed in detail.

Why Are Horror Movies Bad

Pros Or Advantages Of Watching Horror Movies

Pros Or Advantages Of Watching Horror Movies

Nothing is useless in this world. Everything has got lesser or greater good in it. Like this, horror movies have got some pros to provide the audience.

A common trend and reason to watch horror movies are to overcome the fear of illogical spirits. In our society, people believe that spirits remain in this world after their demise.

When a person does, they become afraid that his or her spirit has turned into an evil spirit that will kill them. That is very stupid and illogical to believe in such kind of stuff because there is no scientific evidence about this myth.

But as the human mind is sensible about such kinds of issues, the suspects fearing evil spirits always remain in unstable mental condition. They feel unsafe at every moment. To overcome this fear, there are a lot of movies that clear this misconception.

After watching these movies, they will be able to overcome this fear. But this is an exceptional case. This will differ from person to person.

Again, many people watch these horror movies as a fun issue. I have seen a lot of people who watch these horror movies at night alone in a dark room.

But, they are not afraid of it! They told that such kinds of movies give them entertainment greatly. Even they can go everywhere they want to go at night without having a slice of fear.

These are some of the benefits of watching horror movies. But everyone will not be able to take advantage of such kinds of movies. Rather, they will fall into trouble more and that will be very pathetic.

Top 9 Reasons Why Horror Movies Are Bad To Watch

Top 7 Reasons Why Horror Movies Are Bad To Watch

A lot of reasons can be mentioned to prove that horror movies are bad to watch. None can deny these cons because these are very injurious to the mental health and lifestyle of a person. Now, the cons or reasons for which the horror movies are bad to watch are given below.

1. Psychological Issue

1.Psychological Issue

One of the most crucial and alarming problems that can be occurred due to watching horror movies for a long time are psychological abnormalities.

This is a vast term to be explained. If you have visited the psychologists then obviously you have been advised to stay away from abnormal videos and other stuff.

The sudden horrific and terrible abnormal scenes and background music in the horror movies are the main reasons for creating psychological issues.

People can bear these scenes and their psychology gets corrupted and gradually leads the person to be an abnormal one. Such kind of mental or psychological diseases are:

2. Insomnia


Insomnia means lack of sleeping, not falling asleep. The persons affected by Insomnia can not sleep at the night for days.

On the other hand, their the physical condition gets damaged day by day. Due to watching horror movies for many days, one may get affected by insomnia. That may lead the patient to death.

3. Hallucination


Hallucination is a mental disease where the patient sees imaginary things in front of him or her and treats with those like the real world. Suppose, you have a hallucination problem. Then you will see the things you fear the most. Then you will try to escape from it in your imagination.

But in the real world,  you may fall into terrible accidents. If someone having insomnia watches horror movies then he or she will see abnormalities happening around them. That is they will get affected by this disease more.

4. Other Mental Issues

4.Other Mental Issues

Some other fatal mental issues may occur if anyone watches horror movies excessively. Cases like being mad is not also a rare example to understand the harm of horror movies.

Nervousness, being introvert, lack of confidence, being abnormal etc. may appear if anyone watches horror movies.

5. Physical Issues

5.Physical Issues

Body and mind are connected to each other. If the mind is ill, then the body will not give proper feedback. And the psychological issues are related to the cardinal issues significantly.

As the brain is connected with the neurons, any abnormal signal can cause a serious harm to the body and mind. Some of the diseases that can occur due to watching horror movies are:

6. Cardiac Arrest

6.Cardiac Arrest

One of the most dangerous diseases which are not curable at all is cardiac arrest. In simple language, it is defined as heart attack.

Sudden fear, tension, etc. can lead to a cardiac arrest. And the most fatal result of this disease is death. Out of fear, one may have a cardiac arrest during watching horror movies.

7. Stroke


Damage of the neuron cells in the brain causes stroke. And the reason for stroke is high blood pressure and blockage in the blood circulation system. And, sudden fear causes stroke most of the times.

Other physical issues like high blood pressure, headache, depression, tension, anxiety etc. can be occurred due to watching horror movies.

8. Impact On The Subconscious Mind

Watching a horror movie is very different from reading a book or watching a drama. In all these cases, the watcher can use their imagination to form images in their head, but when it comes to horror films, they have to watch what is happening on screen.

This being said, there are countless researches that have been done over the years about what kind of impact horror films can have on your mind and body.

9. Anxiety

Many researchers argue that horror movies can cause anxiety. For example, in 1981, Stephen King wrote the article “Why we Crave Horror Movies” for «Psychology Today» (article available here).

In this paper he talks about how fear is an essential feeling and that no other emotion allows us to feel such intense feelings of pleasure when we experience it.

He argues that the more we get used to a stimulus, such as horror movies, the less impact it has on us and so we constantly need to find new things in order to feel the same level of excitement we once had while watching our first scary movie.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is There Any Relation Of Horror Movies With The Psychology Of A Person?

Obviously yes, these types of movies harm the brain of a person greatly. Read this article from A to Z for more information.

2.If Horror Movies Are Bad, Then Which Movie Should I Watch?

Rather than horror movies, there are thousands of beautiful and educative movies. Some of such masterpieces are The Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, The Maze Runner, Forrest Gump, Parasite etc. You can watch these movies for getting great lessons.


As movies are part of entertainment, we all love to watch movies. But it should be necessary for us all to select the right movies to watch. We should select such type of movies from where we will not only get entertainment but also get lessons to lead our life in beautiful ways.

Though the horror movies have some advantages, there are more reasons to avoid these types of movies. We all should remember that life comes in front of everything.

One should not let his or her life into ruins. So, bear these words in mind. I hope now you know why are horror movies bad. Thank you for reading this article.

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