How Much Luggage Is Allowed In International Flights?

In the case of International Flying, you can usually carry two pieces of luggage. However, the charge for that luggage is determined by the rules of the airline. This charge is determined by how many times you have been to a foreign country or from which city you are going on a flight and the different rules of the airlines.

In that case the United States rents out your luggage. According to him, you can carry certain luggage and if you need extra large, you have to pay for it.

How Much Luggage Is Allowed In International Flights

How Much Luggage Is Allowed In International Flights?

Carry-On Luggage

A common rule at every international airport is that they allow you to carry your personal items, such as: purse, laptop bag. Besides, no charge is levied for small suitcases. But the size and weight of the suitcase will depend on which airline you are going to. Because the suitcase size and weight of different airlines are different. But in general your suitcase should not weigh more than 40 pounds. And the height must be between 45 linear. So you should go to the airline’s website and check how much weight and height they allow. Then you will have no problem with the bag at the airport because if you are overweight you will have to pay unexpected fee.

“Free” Checked Bags

Usually on international airlines a passenger can carry one luggage and sometimes two. And the airline check bags depend on the origin and destination of the city. US airlines will allow you to carry two bags, but they must be within 50 pounds. Even if you bring only one bag for a passenger from Japan to South China, it should be within 50 pounds. But how much your checked bags will charge will depend on the source of the airline.

Additional Checked Bags

There are many airlines that check extra passenger bags on international flights with a charge. In South America, two luggage of each passenger is checked for free. And if the passenger has extra luggage, the charge will be applicable. A $125 charge applies for the third bag. And its weight must be limited to 50 pounds. However, most airlines have set different rules for different military forces. I would suggest you check the total weight of your luggage before checking the airline. By doing this you will get rid of unexpected charges.

Oversize, Overweight And Special Luggage

If you feel your luggage is too heavy or over-sized, you should contact the airline directly. Because different types of airlines allow you to carry oversized luggage through tickets. For example, airlines in America can carry 70 instead of 50 if you are a businessman. Necessary medical equipment may or may not be checked international flights. Again, if you travel with a child, the child’s needs may be carried separately, but this may or may not be the case.

Luggage Allow For International Flights

If the passenger’s age is Twelve Plus, he can carry a handbag cabin bag or any other bag with him, but it must weigh less than 50 pounds. If he weighs more than 50 pounds, he will be charged extra. She will be able to carry the dress personal staff book without paying any tax.

And if he is 12 years younger, he will be able to carry thirty-five kilograms of luggage with him without tax fee. Besides, he will not be given any more benefits.

Luggage Rules For Individual Luggage

Usually the passenger will be able to carry other luggage besides cabin luggage and cargo luggage.

However, these will not be carried on the airplane he is traveling on. These will be carried on passenger airplanes. But that’s costly enough. To carry such luggage, the passenger must complete and submit a form. There is no need to provide extra charge after filling the form properly and declaring the goods. And the customs office must provide a copy of your clearance when you pick up your things.

Rules For Mobile phone

Passenger can carry a maximum of two mobiles. And no tax will be applicable for this as it is considered among the personal staff. However, if the passenger wants to bring more mobile phones, the tax will be applicable. The charge will be 35 percent of the market value of the mobile phone. And by applying tax, maximum three to five mobiles can be carried.

However, if for some reason the number of mobile phones is more than this, then you must bring a memo from the custom as proof. Otherwise you will have to answer to the airlines. And the airlines will stick to your products. However, you can recover the confiscated phones if you follow the adjunction process at the BRTC headquarters. Willingly you have to pay all the charges and some additional fine as well.

Rules For Cigarette

Usually one cartoon cigarette can be carried on international flights. However, if it is more than that, it will be confiscated according to the rules. And confiscated cigarettes will be destroyed or sold elsewhere. However, there is no possibility of getting them back.

Rules for Wine, Beer Or Any Kind Of Hard

Hard drinks are not acceptable on most airlines. However, in foreign countries, two bottles of drinks are allowed. However, if the amount of drinks is more than that, they will be confiscated. And according to the rules, the seized drinks are never returned. It is either destroyed or sold elsewhere.


According to the rules of international flight, a passenger can carry a laptop with him and he does not have to pay any tax. However, if he wants to carry two laptops, 20% tax will be levied on the market value of the laptop. And if the number of laptops is more than that, then they will be confiscated according to the rules of custom. Follow the CCI&E headquarters adjunction to get back the confiscated laptop. For this you have to pay all the charges and some extra fines. You must collect the Destination Memo to recover the confiscated laptop and start the adjunction process.

Computer Monitor And Television

Every passenger can carry a computer monitor or a TV with him without any tax. Computer monitors must not be more than 19 inches. If it is between 20 and 22 inches, 50 percent tax has to be paid according to the market value of the monitor. And if it is bigger than that then he must pay 70% tax. On the other hand, a passenger can carry a 21-inch TV. But if it is bigger than that, then he has to pay tax.

Rules For Gold

Passenger can carry a maximum of 234 grams of gold on an international flight. However, he has to pay a certain amount of tax for every 11.39 grams. And if the amount of gold is more than that, it will be confiscated according to the rules of customs.

The adjunction process must be followed to get the seized gold back. And for that you have to pay a certain amount of tax and some extra fee as a penalty. However, the customs can file a case against the passenger if he is doing black marketing.

New Dresses, Other Cloths And Cosmetics

According to the rules of the airline, a passenger can carry cosmetics as his personal staff. However, if it crosses the personal level, he will have to pay 160% tax. But if it is more than that, then the customs must seize them. You must have a destination memo to get the seized items back.


Usually a passenger will be able to carry some medicine for personal use in case of emergency. However, it must be for personal use. If Customs is suspected of carrying medicine for business, it must be confiscated. Seized drugs can be recovered but you must follow the adjunction process at DGDA headquarters and have a destination memo. For this you have to pay tax and fines.

Other Information

A passenger will be able to carry all types of equipment related to his profession. No extra charge has to be provided for this. In case of the disabled, he will be able to carry all the necessary equipment like wheelchair, crutch etc. And it is completely tax free.

Again there are some luggage that need to be taxed. If the customer cannot pay the tax due to lack of money, then the customs confiscates his goods. And the passenger can take his luggage by paying tax within 21 days.

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