How To Ignore Your Boyfriend To Teach Him A Lesson

There are bad phases in every relationship. Perhaps you both are just fighting. Or he does not give you the proper attention that he used to give. Maybe he is too busy with other things.Yes, these things happen in every relationship. What we need to do first is talk about it with your partner and make him understand. But In most cases, men are quite stubborn and don’t want to understand or try to make his point of view right.

That’s why you should follow some tactics to make your boyfriend understand or give him a lesson. You can ignore your boyfriend to teach him a lesson. Most of the girls think if they ignore their boyfriends then it will ruin everything more.

But that is not the case. Men love to chase. And when you ignore him he will obviously run after you. So, here are some ways to ignore your boyfriend that will help you to teach him a lesson. Take a look!

How To Ignore Your Boyfriend To Teach Him A Lesson

1.Go Through The Situation Again


You can’t just ignore your boyfriend without reason. That’s unfair. There must be some serious issues. To confirm if you actually want to ignore your boyfriend first go through the situation again.

  • First, ask yourself since when he started to upset you. Also, see if there was any fault of yours or not.
  • Try to find out if he is okay or not. Maybe be is having a bad phase. In that case, try to help him out.
  • If that’s not the case and he is genuinely hurting you without any issue then you must take some action. You can talk with your friends about this.
  • Also, talk to your boyfriend. Try to make him understand. But if he does not then there is no way but ignoring him to teach him a lesson. And that you want to do because you want things as they were before. So, don’t feel bad about this.

2.Organize Your Time Differently


You should stop giving all your time and attention to your boyfriend. Stay away from him for a little time. Don’t meet with him regularly so that he misses you.

But, by doing this you will also feel lonely and sad that’s why you need to re-organize your time. So that you don’t get the time to miss him.

  • You can read your favorite book or you can watch your favorite movie or series to spend the time. You also can go for a run, do some exercise or cook something new.
  • You can pay attention to your hobby too like gardening or painting. It will make you feel better. And also you will be busy doing these and won’t get the time to meet him.
  • Don’t stay at your boyfriend’s house every day. Try to stay away from him. You can go to your friend’s house or chill in your own house.
  • You can do some job that you love. If you work then it will keep you busy and you will not get the time to spend with your boyfriend that you used to get.
  • Sometimes, spend time with your friends. Go to the beach or go shopping. Whatever makes you happy.
  • Most importantly, spend time with your family. Invite them to dinner or go to their house to give them a surprise.

3.Give Attention Your Male Friends


Trust me, if he is in love with you he won’t be able to tolerate it. You can do this to make him jealous.

  • Text your male friends about daily stuff when your boyfriend is around you.
  • Hangout with them often.
  • Post pictures with your friends on social networking sites.
  • Talk about your friends. Let him know how good they are how they care about you.

4.Change Your Body Language A Little

Change-Your-Body-Language-A-Little How To Ignore Your Boyfriend To Teach Him A Lesson

You can not behave like before if you want to ignore your boyfriend. Don’t give random hugs and kisses as it will make him feel like everything is going fine. Make some changes in your body language.

  • Treat them as you treat your friend. If you want to kiss you then give your cheek to him. Don’t hug too often.
  • Do not hold hands as you always do. keep your hands in your pocket. Don’t pet him or rest your shoulder in his arm.
  • Have some physical distance between you. Don’t sit just next to him or walk beside him. Sit somewhere else. Also, at night make sure there is a distance between you both. Or you can just sleep early.
  • When we are in love we do eye contact a lot. Don’t do that. Look anywhere else but not at him.

5.Less Communication

Less-Communication How To Ignore Your Boyfriend To Teach Him A Lesson

Less Communication is the key to ignoring your boyfriend. If you don’t communicate with your boyfriend much then he will go crazy and run after you.

  • Don’t call or text your boyfriend until it is an emergency.
  • If you have to reply to him then keep it as short as possible. For example: “yes”, “okay”, “nice” etc. So that he feels it.
  • Don’t answer to his call for the first time. Let him call a few times.
  • Do not reply to his texts immediately. Make him wait. Let give send a few and then reply to the last one.
  • Ignore him on social media. Don’t react or comment on his post. Also, you can block him for a few days.
  • Stop checking your phone now and then. If you can’t resist yourself then turn off your phone.

Now you already know the tricks of ignoring your boyfriend. You just need to have patience and play the tricks and your boyfriend will come to bake to you. If these things don’t give a lesson to your boyfriend then nothing will.

Also, let us know if these works or not. Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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