IPhone Data Recovery Without Backup [Step By Step Guide]

You never know how much you depend on your iPhone until the unwanted things come in front of you. Many users have encountered the annoying problem of losing or accidentally deleting your essential information from the item without Backup. They cannot be easily replaced or rebuilt if once for some reason, your great photos, valuable text messages, and other contents are removed. The best way to recover iPhone data is to backup files, but to be candid, not everyone will do it routinely. What if you lose data without having iTunes and iCloud Backup on your iPhone beforehand? There is no logic to be afraid. You can recover deleted data .

The actual data files are never deleted. These are present in the same place despite being invisible. And you can use this fact if you want and use the professional file recovery service to recover the iPhone data you want back effortlessly and reliably. In this article, we will discuss the steps you need to take to iPhone data recovery without Backup.

The WAYS To-iPhone Data Recovery Without Backup

IPhone Data Recovery Without Backup

Retrieve Lost Files Using Data Recovery Software Application

Retrieve Lost Files Using Data Recovery Software Application

It may be annoying that you have lost or deleted important iPhone files without Backup, but there is nothing to panic about because with reliable data recovery software for iPhone and with some patience, you will be able to recover data on iPhone without your Backup.

This software scans deep into the device’s internal memory to recover lost data and retrieves it. To quickly recognize what you are looking for and pick the items you need before extracting data, this software allows you. Now, Below are some steps that will give you instructions on how to recover lost data from iPhone without backing up the program.

1.Install iPhone data recovery software and connect the device.

Then open the software and open the main interface, you will see three data recovery modes. You need to select the “Recover from iOS Device” option, Since you are going to recover iPhone data without a backup file. Then, to plug the iPhone into your PC, use a USB cable.

2.Select The Type Of Data File To Scan For Lost Files.

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To start a deep scan of the iPhone to find the lost data files, click the Scan button. When connected to a data cable on a PC, check the boxes next to the data names and select the type of data you want to recover. You can see the progress of the scanning activity through the progress bar of the screen.

3.Preview Lost Data

In this step, you want to recover from the list you can preview the files. To do this, you need to click the specific section on the left pane to expand the list. Next, to select the files you want to recover, click the boxes next to each file name. Preview each file and choose the lost data to recover.

4.Recover iPhone Data Without Backup

How to get back deleted iPhone data without backup?

All you need to do at this stage is to tap the recuperation button in the base right corner. In the initial box, it would be ideal if you determine an area, the program will begin extricating information from your iPhone stockpiling and putting away it on the PC.

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After that, you will get back the data from iPhone without Backup.

Restore Deleted Data on iPhone from iTunes Backup

Restore Deleted Data on iPhone from iTunes Backup


If backed up using iTunes, you will be able to restore that Backup to get the data back on the iPhone by following these steps:

1. at first, connect your iPhone to your pc and open iTunes.

2. Select the device icon in the iPhone window.

3.From Backup, click on the Restore.

4.Find backups that contain your lost files.

5.then, click on the restore button.

This way, you can quickly restore data from iTunes backup.

Restore Deleted Data on iPhone from iCloud Backup

Restore Deleted Data on iPhone from iCloud Backup


If backed up using iCloud, you will be able to restore that Backup to get the data back on the iPhone. To recover iPhone files from iCloud Backup before taking the following steps, first, check the settings. First, go to your iphone Settings > Your Name > then iCloud > Whether iCloud Backup has data backup. It will be able to recover deleted data after verification. If you can see when the last Backup was created, you can delete the data on your iPhone to restore the data. The steps are discussed below.

Steps 1: First, go to Settings> General > then Reset from your iPhone, then tap all content and settings to delete.

Steps 2: Next, on the Apps & Data screen, press the Restore from the iCloud Backup button.

Steps 3: Sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID.

Steps 4: After signing in to iCloud, you will see a list of available backups.

Step 5: Select your data from that list.

Steps 6: Finally select the files from the selected list and click the Restore button.

This way, you can quickly restore data from iCloud Backup.

Backup From Third-Party Software

Backup From Third-Party Software

EaseUS MobiMover software is the best choice for you. Because, this software allows you to transfer all data from iPhone to your PC for free and easily, without any cost or restrictions. It can transfer data to iPhone, iPad or any iOS device and computer.

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So, you can always choose MobiMover, whether you want to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone or transfer data from computer to iPhone. So download this software and then install it with free. After installing this software, you should follow some instruction to transfer data. So let’s know the steps in below:

Steps 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC via a USB cable.

Steps 2: You can back up all the data on the whole iPhone at once or check other data boxes and select the data of your choice from all categories.

Steps 3: Then click the folder icon in the upper-right corner to determine the location to back up the data.

Steps 4: You can also save files to a MobiMover desktop folder if you wish.

Steps 5: then click on the transfer button to back up your data.

Steps 6: MobiMover helps to back up data to computer quickly.


Whether you have a backup on your iPhone, iTunes or iCloud, you can quickly restore your lost data . This process allows you to IPhone Data Recovery Without Backup Easily, secure way in a short time without any hassle. As a result, everything deleted due to any untoward incident will be returned to its previous state.

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