How To Lock Door From Outside Without Key

Everyone’s house usually has a door. And it is normal to have a lock on that door. And for whatever reason, that door needs to be locked. If you need to close the door and don’t have the key, think about what you can do. So here’s how to shut it if you don’t have the key.

How to Lock the Door from Outside Without a Key? Details

If you have lost your key, You could steal something if you do not lock your door. To close a door without a key, you can use some different locks like a portable door lock, a latch, a security bar, etc. Or you can use some waves without keys like the DIY method. There are many methods and techniques to use whichever way you like.

Ways to Lock a Door Without Key

You can use more of the below methods to lock a door without a key.

Portable Door Lock:

A “Portable Door Lock” (PDL) lock is designed to protect you while locked the doors. The portable door lock is like the spoon method. The Addalock is the most accessible, lowest impact item on our list. It works like a door blocker, but it’s held in place at the existing strike plate on your door, so there’s no drilling or changing out the hardware.

Door Lever Lock:

In general, the process is a set of special notches that work there on special plates (levers) of a specific size and shape. Bolts are an essential part – they are attached to the reception. When the key is turned on, each lever is lifted to a length of space for it. The lock opens when all the plates will be in their position to release a slot in the bolt-free passage.

However, if the levers do not take at least one correct part, the bolt will not

move when turning the key.

Door Security Bar:

The door security bar is like that block the door with a chair or table. It is made of bulky steel, which creates a lot of press. The main thing is that it never takes up much space and is attached to any small area.

Floor Mounted:

The floor-mounted device is set into the floor with a door. It’s effortless to set and low-cost device. Installing screw stops on baseboards is equally easy. To prevent the doorstop from punching a hole in an empty-core door.  Install the finish so that it is not more than 1-1 / 2 feet from the edge of the door.

Door Latch: 

Door latches are an intelligent lock for the door. Many people use this lock for

many years. It’s a very low-cost door lock and easy to install.

Door Stopper:

The door stopper is a device that holds a door open or closed. It also purchases low cost. This term refers to a thin slate built into the door frame when the entrance cannot be closed.

DIY Methods to Lock Door From Outside Without Key

You can wear it in any situation at any time. For example, suppose you locked the door and went out. Then, you entered the house and saw that You lose your key. So far, we have already talked, and you read about so many methods of closing many doors. Then if you know some instant ways, you can easily open the door without the key.

Below I share with you the best DIY methods to lock a door without a key.

Set Chair or Table:

This method is a straightforward way just set a chair or table under the door. But, it’s a simple method that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. On the contrary, it’s an excellent DIY lock in the door.

Use Spoon Lock the Door:

There have some section sets they are given below:

  1. Use a spoon that long 3 inches.
  2. Measure the latch and bend the spoon.
  3. Bend the spoon 90 degrees.
  4. Insert the bend into the latch.
  5. Close the door.

You tried this DIY method for the door lock. It’s a fantastic way to door lock.


One of the means to open the door lock is the screwdriver. First, insert the

screwdriver straight into the lock. Tap inside as far as you can. Then turn the

screwdriver inside. Then, wiggle the screwdriver until you press the lock on

the door. You can unscrew your door hinges with a screwdriver if you want.

Lockpicking Set:

lockpicking is essential for the door lock. Many kinds of style pins have in the world. And also can use any pins for the door lock. Insert the nail in safety and turn it into the screwdriver

more and more time.

Bobby Pin: You can use a bobby pin

to unlock the door. It also can work like lockpicking but needs more presence. You need two bobby pins in the same design.

Call a Professional: If you try more times but fail, you need to call a professional locksmith. A professional locksmith can create or break a key or lock. So, please don’t panic; go-to to a locksmith and say he create a new key for your safety.

 This Method Is Unique Work for Everyone. So Let’s Know How Its Works. There Is Some Point Given Below.


  1. You can use a tap for locking the door.
  2. Use pan or pencil in the door.
  3. Pull-on the string.

Remember that never forget the key in the house. If you failed, then you use our DIY method. This method is a beneficial method for locking a door.

If you have been following this article for a long time, you must understand our simple trick. Now it’s time to try.

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. How Do I Lock the Door From the Outside Without a Key?

 Answer: It’s a unique topic and also has some small tricks that you can try. Of course, you can lock a door from the outside without a key. There have some DIY techniques like a bobby pin, screwdriver, etc.

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