Mas’s Favorite Everyday Carry EDC Essential for the Man

Every man always wants to be ready. So to be always ready, you have some everyday gear that you always have to carry.

Usually, every woman has a purse, so they can carry their necessities, but men do not have a purse.

So before you go anywhere, you have to keep the things you need and leave the unnecessary things at home. However, many men do not know what EDC means. EDC means the stuff that a man carries with himself. These are attached to their pockets or belts. However, some gears require a backpack to carry.

We will discuss in this article what kind of gear a man should carry. You need to carry some items and gear so that you can deal with any situation and make your daily life easier.


The most necessary thing for every man is a wallet. Wallets are very useful because they carry bills, coins and credit cards and other cards for a long time. Wallets are also used as fashionable accessories.

Cell phone

In the present age, cell phones have become an essential item without which people feel helpless. It is very rare to find a person without a cell phone, whether he or she is old or low-income.

So one of the daily routines that everyone has to carry is the cell phone, so I added it.

You can also use a rhino cover for your convenience. Since it has a wallet attached to the back, you can carry the credit cards you need.

Charging Cable

Phone charging cables are very important to keep the mobile rechargeable at all times. I saw a lot of people who would be late returning home but couldn’t communicate because their phones were dead. Because they left the charger at home while they were in the office.

But Apple or the computer store is not always near. You may also think that your phone can be charged at a gas station. Carry a mobile charger with you at all times if you want to avoid expenses.


Many men think that watches increase their confidence. So the watch is very valuable to them.

Even at this age, people wear wristwatches, especially those who are aware of their appearance.

But men wear wristwatches to express their style. Even in a variety of formal settings, they don’t forget to wear watches.

A man can go anywhere wearing shorts, a T-shirt and sneakers. But if he is wearing a stylish wristwatch, he is very conscious of his look.


Home and car keys are very essential if men’s daily necessities are discussed. It would be essentially wonderful if you went out without your keys. Any problem can be encountered if the on goes out without the key.

Home and car keys are everyday portable items for every human being.

So for your convenience, you can carry the keyring.

In this keyring, you can keep your office key along with your car and home key.

Credit card

Credit cards have become a very important item nowadays. Because no man carries thousands of dollars in his wallet in daily life. But in real life, money is needed in an emergency way, which is expensive. In this case, a little higher credit card can help you in any emergency.

Also, if you have a credit card, you can feel free to change hotel rooms or replace flats.

You might think that in this situation take the help of the bank. However, indeed, banks are not open 24 hours a day.

With a credit card, you can meet your needs at any time until your limit is reached.


The word handkerchief may sound ridiculous to you. Because most people use it to blow their noses. However, I would always recommend carrying a handkerchief.

  • It is used as a scarf to rub your shoes.
  • It benefits as a napkin.
  • If you do not have a napkin, it can be sprayed and dried quickly.
  • You can use a handkerchief if you do not want to touch the door of a public restroom.
  • Use a handkerchief to dry your hands after leaving the restroom.
  • Use to wipe off sweat.
  • If there is a wound, it is useful to clean it and cover it with a handkerchief.
  • If someone cries, you can wipe the tears from his/her eyes with a handkerchief.
  • You can use the handkerchief as an alternative to the tissue in a public place if you have a cold.


It is wise to carry a lighter all the time. You can choose your preferred lighter. If you want to take according to the type of lighter, you will find electronics, torch, Zippos, Bic and more lights in the market. But all have their advantages and disadvantages. If you choose Bic, it can’t refill easily; on the other hand, Zippos can. However, it has fuel limits. In the case of electronics lighters, a charge is required. So choose the lighter that you like.


There are many situations where credit cards are worthless. It may be necessary to buy gas at the station due to the power outage, you will have to pay cash there.

So carry cash with you at all times as it will help you deal with different situations. Also, if you need to buy something, people will accept it.


Headphones are very useful to spend lazy time. Headphones are very effective when dealing with unforeseen situations. You’re going to finish the rest of your work at the coffee shop while the couple at the table next to you are talking loudly, it’s bothering you. You can play the song of your choice by popping the headphones in your ears.

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