Best Tips On How To Modify A Glock 19

Glock 19, one of the best semiautomatic pistols the Austrian company has to offer. The fifth-generation Glock 19 is the latest installment in the Glock family. It is a very compact and widely available firearm used by the majority of firearm license holders.

Another reason behind the Glock being very popular is that it can be heavily customized by its user, and the Glock 19 is no different. Today we will discuss some of the best modifications you can inflict on your Glock 19 model.

Best Tips On How To Modify A Glock 19

How Does a Glock 19 Function?

How Does a Glock 19 Function

You might be wondering about the inner workings of the small parts of your Glock 19. Well, we are here to tell you exactly how a Glock works.

When you pull the trigger on a Glock, the trigger bar will pull the firing pin back. The connector generally guides the trigger bar downward and releases the firing pin.

It allows the firing pin to charge up and hit the back part of the bullet. The gas that expands inside the bullet chamber pushes the bullet out of the barrel at a very high speed.

After the bullet has left the Glock, the slide is pushed back because of the recoil force produced by the bullet. This way, the barrel is unlocked, tilting downwards.

The extractor is then able to remove the cartridge of the spent bullet from the Glock chamber. A new cartridge of a bullet is automatically loaded inside the Glock.

Why Modify Your Glock 19?

Why Modify Your Glock 19

There are various reasons why one would want to modify their firearms. It is legal to modify your firearms within the rules set by the respective authorities in your area. Here are some of the reasons that might tempt you to modify your Glock 19:

  1. To get a bigger magazine to hold more bullets.
  2. To get a better scope for your Glock 19
  3. To distinguish your Glock with a different color.
  4. To get better handling of the weapon.
  5. To get a better grip while firing a bullet.
  6. To make your Glock heavier or more lightweight based on your preference.
  7. To change other parts of your Glock 19 for better performance
  8. To get an edge as a Glock 19 user

Top Modifications for Glock 19

Top Modifications for Glock 19

You may have heard that Glock doesn’t need any modifications, and your shooting skill depends on you.

Though it is true to some extent that your shooting skill depends on you, a good modification to your Glock 19 will definitely give you some kind of advantage that will help you to become a better shooter.

Modifications heavily depend on personal preferences. Here we have given six modifications that are beneficial to all the common users of the Glock 19. These modifications are easy to perform and inexpensive.

Angry Bear Fiber Optics Sights

Angry Bear Fiber Optics Sights

The default sights that come with the Glock 19 are reviewed very badly by its early users. The first upgrade you should have on your Glock 19 is by swapping the stock sight with a fiber optics sight.

These sights are very easy to install. These are available in three different heights. You will also get two different colored tubes. Two red-colored tubes and two green color tubes come with the packaging of angry bear fiber optics sight. The rear of this sight is completely black.

The rear also features a set screw which adds an extra level of security from rear sight drifting. This sight looks very beautiful visually while scoped through it.

Tyrant CNC Magazine Release

Tyrant CNC Magazine Release

This magazine release has a very good built quality and offers different colors in the market. It has a nice defined ridge to enable your thumb to easily pick up its position. You can easily reach down and release the magazine with your thumb while shooting in the range.

You can find different colors of this magazine to match your taste and your Glocks color. It is also very comfortable to use and easily blends with the design of the Glock 19.

Tactical Pontoon Trigger

Tactical Pontoon Trigger

This trigger reduces some of the take-ups of the Glock 19. The trigger does this in such a manner that it does not lower the safety of using the firearm. This trigger system uses a special pin to reduce take-up as well as pre-travel of the bullet.

This trigger needs a bit of practice to be used properly; otherwise, it may compromise safety.

This trigger system has a bright red color trigger shoe which gives a Glock a nice look.

Shield Arm Magazine Extension

Shield Arm Magazine Extension

This mag extension is a great upgrade on any compact pistol, especially on a Glock 19. It features a transparent body to see all the bullets inside. The bottom of this extension is also bright red and matches nicely with our other modifications.

It is a plus-five magazine extension that comes with an additional powered spring which reduces feeding issues. This magazine has a very durable built and never seems to give any malfunction at all.

Legion Precision Barrel

Legion Precision Barrel

This top-grade barrel looks very close to the stock barrel of the Glock 19, which makes it a very popular choice among minimalist Glock users.

This barrel has higher quality build than the OEM barrel of the Glock 19. As the barrel is a frequently used part of a Glock, this barrel upgrade is the best option as it will withstand frequent usage and will not wear out easily.

Olight PL-2 Valkyrie lights

Olight PL-2 Valkyrie lights

These compact lights are super lightweight. They offer up to 1200 lumens brightness. They are made with high-definition LED lights. This light is a very decent addition to a Glock 19. It enables the user to view a wide range, even in pitch-black darkness.

Frequently Asked Question:

Modifying Guns Are Illegal?

No! Modifying a gun is not illegal, but the modifications must be made following state rules. There are some mods that are illegal for public use, so you should be careful when you are thinking about modifying your firearms. Research thoroughly the modifications that you want for your guns before you start modifying them.

Will Dropping a Glock 19 Make It Fire Bullets?

No! Even though the Glock 19 has a very soft trigger, it is not going to fire any bullet when the weapon is dropped by a user. The safety feature of a Glock 19 prevents it from firing when dropped.

What Distance Should I Zero My Glock 19?
The expected accuracy of the Glock 19 is derived from its barrel length. The optimal zero distance should be 25 yards. This allows the 9mm cartridge to reach its maximum potential velocity and correct ballistic coefficient [1].
A major concern for law enforcement agencies is that they may have several different shooters using the same weapon system, resulting in a variety of zero distances and POI shifts for each shooter.
What Ammo Does a Glock 19 Prefer?
The answer is HPR JHP. I realize some of you may think you have a G19 that prefers other bullets, so if your G19 prefers another brand of ammo, please leave the brand and load information in the comments section.
The purpose of this article is to collect data on what loads Glocks prefer out of their factory barrels.
What Attachments Can You Out On A Glock 19?
The Glock 19 comes with an interchangeable backstrap and beavertail grip. The pistol, stock configurations are available for this gun through aftermarket parts makers like Hogue, Kiln Duralite Drop-In Recoil Kit,
Harrison Machine Works slide/frame, And standard plastic or wood grips. If you want to go full custom on your model 19, look into the MIM frames that have customised slides mounted but can’t gunsmith a slide designed for the model 19.


These modifications are very easy to perform, even for new users who just picked up a Glock 19. The modification that will benefit you is solely up to your preferences, and it depends on what you want to achieve with your Glock 19.

All of the mentioned modifications are inexpensive, so you can easily afford them and change back if it does not go with your preference.

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