Movies Like John Wick – Super Hit Action Movie List

John Wick’s action movies never give up their creativity or quality worldwide but dial the explosive and kill factor. They are incredibly well-dramatic photographers, good shots, and wild fun to watch. So there should be something new for each John Week fan on this list.

Why People Love Action Films

Action films are known for having larger than life characters, thrilling fight scenes and an over the top plot. And that’s exactly why people love them! If you think about it, who wouldn’t want to be able to feel like they’re on top of the world after watching a movie?

The chances are that if you enjoyed any action films, you probably idolized the main character, wanting to be as tough and gutsy as them.

Action films are also generally very predictable. With clear distinctions between good versus evil, it’s easy for us to choose who we want to root for. This is why they’re so popular because everyone likes to have a hero that they can cheer for.

People also love watching action films because they’re visually stunning and a lot of work has gone into creating them. Even if you don’t really follow the story, the fight scenes are entertaining to watch as a one-off. You can rewatch action films over and over again without ever getting bored!

There is no sign of John Wick’s movie franchise declining in popularity, and fans are forever waiting for his next movie; now is the right time for us to add great movies with more than 10 examples of world-class action-thrillers for John Wick fans.

Below is a list of movies like John Wick.

movies like john wick

10 Best Super Hit Action Movies Like John Wick

The Matrix

The Matrix

In the wake of beginning the rundown with a movie featuring Keanu Reeves, The Matrix is a dream/science fiction movie with an exceptional action arrangement.

The Matrix’s entire plot spins around an apparently basic inquiry, however for the appropriate response, you need to go to the lower part of the bunny opening.

In our current reality where people are kept in an anecdotal reality since they are utilized for power by a race of keen machines, The Matrix is a story that battles to liberate itself from human mistreatment and abuse.

Just Neo, the divinely selected individual, can acquaint humanity with reality, above all, he should figure out how to control his capacity with another revolutionary, Morpheus. Not everyone wants to face reality because the matrix is ​​as fake as it makes people comfortable.

The Equalizer

The Equalizer

Only one out of every odd book has a glad closure, and nobody knows these words in a way that is better than Robert McCall, who carries on with a basic life by making a basic showing.

Nonetheless, a young lady named Tiri was mercilessly beaten by Russian dissidents and compelled to drive out her evil spirits.

They dismissed his solicitation to deliver him in return for cash, which end up being the greatest slip-up of their carries on with in the wake of attempting to cut down a whole network association.

McCall turned into a voiceless voice, making individuals believe that a watchman blessed messenger was watching them. He utilizes his fatal aptitudes to imperil individuals in the public arena who are in harm’s way.

I don’t think film buffs like John Wick will be frustrated with The Equalizer.

Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher

Jack Richer is a military legend who, despite receiving all possible honorary titles as an Army Investigator,

people are wondering why he quit his job. Of course, he is a hazardous man; Anyone crossing the path with him is a threat to him. He assisted the former military sniper’s attorney, who was looking for the real facts, accused of randomly killing five people.

As the investigation progresses, what seems simple at first glance seems to be hiding far below, putting Jack and his helpers in danger. People may think they are above the law, but they doubt their abilities when confronted by Jack Reacher.



At the point when a dad instructs you to deliver his stolen little girl, else, he will discover you, and he will execute you. Brian Mills is a previous government worker who is compelled to utilize every one of his abilities to spare his little girl in the wake of finding out about her kidnapping.

He is forced to let it happen because he is a few thousand miles away from her, and there is nothing he can do about it.

He went on a high-hazard mission like the others; The thing that matters is, it’s close to home. When we follow the most important quest of a father, we see that he faced emotional pain at every step of the way to get closer.



This hero movie from Marvel Studios has overwhelmed everybody because of its surprising achievement.

Wade Wilson is a frontier man working illegally with a hysterical personality. Be that as it may, things changed when he got some answers concerning his malignant growth.

Subsequent to suffering determined torment, he gained superhuman capacities and the capacity to recuperate from actual mischief.

Deadpool became a more cartoonish version of itself, breaking down the fourth wall incessantly to speak directly to the audience. Deadpool has transformed itself into a household name with the comedy and fantastic action sequences of its superhero-spoof brand.

American Sniper

American Sniper

Based on the real-life of US Navy SEALs, Chris Kyle, this is the story of a soldier who doesn’t seem to have left the war behind. In any event, when he is at home with his wonderful spouse and kid, he hears the sound of gunfire.

Kyle doesn’t seem to be able to shake the desire to return to the battlefield: he’s specific, and he’s already working at the risk of his life until deadly insurgents target him.

He has to make a split-second decision every time before pulling the trigger, in the hope that he won’t kill any innocent people. Coordinated by Clint Eastwood and featuring Bradley Cooper, this film will take you on an excursion of nationalism, and thank you for all the officers who hazard their carries on consistently and not get their due credit.

Movie buffs like John Wick will love what it brings to this slow-burning table.

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

The Earth invaded by aliens is quite a dilapidated plotline. However, the Age of Tomorrow gives it as an auxiliary story an additionally striking plot at its core.

William Cage is a soldier who has never faced a real fight, which sapphires his skills, making him useless against foreigners. But every time he died in battle, it made him better.

Death together and for everyone might make things a lot easier because he had to work harder each time and die again, but he seems to have chosen to determine humanity’s fate.

He now has to do with another soldier, Sergeant Rita Vratasky, to save his humanity from foreign attacks.



After John Matrix’s former comrades began to be killed, John Matrix was warned to look for problems. Soon her daughter was abducted. The kidnappers want to use John for extortion to bring him to work against his will because they know he will kill only for him.

However, they miscalculate John’s abilities when he plans to attack them and is ready to take over the whole army. With his exceptional survival skills, he is only going to save the impossible for his care. This movie has similarities with John Wick.

Mad Max

Mad Max

In the tragic future, individuals have returned to being boorish. All It’s men for himself. Max is a piece of the final signs of law in this reprehensible existence where rules are nearly non-existent.

However, after the passing of his better half and youngster on account of canines, Max lost the last remainders of his partition with the idea of vengeance in his brain.

He decides to vindicate his family and murder crooks; just his propensities and senses keep him alive. Mad Max recounts the terrible story of a wrecked man getting by starting with one second then onto the next, leaving no indication of a superior future.

Kill Bill

Kill Bill

Previously working for Bill as a trained assassin, the assassin decides to leave his disgusting ways known as the bride and start a new life, but it will not be so easy. She was attacked on her wedding day and fell into a coma, and killed her unborn child, ending her only chance at everyday life.

Four years later, he woke up, with only the thought of revenge in his mind, seeking revenge against those who had snatched everything from him in a matter of seconds and probably should not have kept him alive.

He makes a rundown of individuals to kill and goes out to chase them down, and leaves names individually. In case you’re searching for nitty-gritty movies like John Wick, the Kill Bill should fit.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Action Movie Like John Wick?

As Keanu Reeves recently said in an interview, John Wick is also inspired by The Killer (1989). Let’s say that the action scenes are very similar.

The best John Wick alternatives are movies like Luc Besson’s Leon (1994), Baby Driver (2017) or the first two Lethal Weapon films, starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

Which Is Better Kill Bill Or John Wick?

It’s so hard to choose! Both Kill Bill and John Wick are two great movies. In fact, they have a similar style. They show some of the most amazing action scenes in recent years. In my opinion, both of them are worthy of watching if you’re a Keanu Reeves fan or an action movie lover.

Who Directed John Wick 2007?

David Leitch and Chad Stahelski were the directors of John Wick (2014). David Leitch has already directed a lot of well-known films, including The Coldest City (2017), Atomic Blonde (2017).

Who Are The Writers Of American Sniper?

Jason Dean Hall is the screenwriter for American Sniper (2014). He has written other great movies too, like Invincible (2006), Warrior (2011) or Think Like a Man (2012).

Who Is The Director Of Kill Bill? 

Quentin Tarantino is the director of Kill Bill (2003). This film was his first big project after Pulp Fiction (1994), which made him famous. Since then, he has directed other great films, like Django Unchained (2012) and Inglorious Basterds (2009).

Who Is The Hitman In John Wick Movie?

John Wick is, of course. But other great hitmen are played by Michael Nyqvist (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol 2011), Jason Statham (The Mechanic 2011) or Ryan Gosling (Drive 2011).

Final Verdict

If you like “John Wick”, look for stylized, exciting, and severe movies in the United States or in the United Kingdom to shoot Hitman, One Male Army, Revenge, Warning, Dark Hero, Hooligan, and Gunfighting themes, crime, and thriller genres. I hope now you know about the movies like john wick.

You can look for your next top pick and comparable movies in two stages 1. Distinguish all subjects of interest in this movie. 2. Search for them in the rundown introduced.

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