How to Secure a Door From Being Kicked in

What place makes you feel most secure? The majority of people say they feel most safe at home. There is no danger at home, making it the safest place for them. Consider this for a moment, is there no risk? How secure is the entrance to your house? However, is your door secure enough from being kicked in by an evil person?

If you think that your door is not insufficient to prevent such attacks, you should read this article very carefully. We will discuss six levels of door security today. These seven levels of unbreakable security will give you absolute safety. Let’s find out How to Secure your Door from Being Kicked in.

Installing Metal and Wooden Doors To Secure a Door From Being Kicked in

First, we need strong doors. According to the door manufacturing companies, the most impenetrable types of doors are metal and wooden doors. Such a door is impossible to break, even with the help of a weapon. A strong and impenetrable door is your first level of security.

There are many attractive designs of wood and metal doors available on the market. Which will fit your home well as well as provide security.

Many people install glass doors in their homes. However, the glass door is very fragile. You may not be able to achieve adequate security with glass doors. Even then, if you want to install a glass door, you should install a metal grille behind it. Manufacturers provide these grill system doors.

Using an Unbreakable Lock

We installed strong doors. So, what’s next? Now let’s discuss the door lock.

You may think your house has a strong door. Why do you have to care so much about strong locks? If a poor-quality lock is installed on your door, it is like giving your house to the burglar. In general, criminals are very proficient in breaking locks. Therefore, you need to install a very advanced and modern lock on the door of your house.

The market offers a wide range of locks. The following are some of the most secure lock models in the world.

  • Schlage B60N single-cylinder deadbolt
  • Kwikset Juno Keyed Entry Door Knob
  • Spider Steel Mortice Key Lock Complete Set
  • Kwikset Belleview Handle set

It is unrealistic to think the door will be secure only if it has a strong lock. When robbers are at play, you can trust no lock. Are you insecure, then? No, of course not. Take your security a step further by following our next step.

Using Long and Strong Screws

If you want to secure a door from being kicked in, make sure your door is securely attached with long and strong screws. According to police reports, many burglars did not break down the door but opened it completely from the building. When the door is pushed too hard, the screws may break or open. The door can open without breaking the lock.

Low-quality screws will allow a burglar to break down the door easily. Additionally, they may have weapons to push. It’s important to install the door with long, strong screws. So, it won’t open from the building.

Door Jamb

The door jamb supports the weight of the main door and holds it together with the house’s structure. Comparing it to a door frame, it functions differently. It is possible to install it with your existing door without changing it.

Using Doors-barricades

In terms of home security, doors-barricades are very effective, which helps to deal with any kick in. Doors-barricades are an old method. Despite that, it is nearly 100% effective. So, breaking through strong door barricades can be a bit of a hassle.

There are many types of door-barricades available. Depending on your door design, you can choose any of them. Here is a list of some effective doors-barricades with their prices.

  • The adjustable security bar is easy to use and very effective. The cost is about 21$.
  • Satin Nickel U is a commonly used Door barricade in the USA. Its price is low, but the quality is excellent. This product will be available for $12
  • Drop Open bar holder will secure a door from being kicked in. It costs about 28$.
  • The PLUED door bar is also useful and efficient. The design is elegant. The price is not more than 15 dollars.

Using Door Armor

Door armor consists of six pieces of metal. You can easily attach this to the door’s frame in less than half an hour. It is an extremely effective door security material. So, With it installed, no one can break down the door.

No matter what type of door you have, door armor will fit easily. After installation, it is invisible. Robbers won’t know how strong your door is. Breaking into the door with door armor is nearly impossible.

Tips and Tricks

To Secure your Door from Being Kicked in, you should add some modifications. Make sure you do the following with the help of a professional.

  • Make sure you have a Burglary-proof door.
  • Deadbolt lock.
  • An additional horizontal bar of security.

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