Eleven Tips To Avoid Failure In Short Film Without Actors

Your first hurdle is always a blank page and you have no idea what you want to create. How do you make a short film without an actor, the head is getting worse just thinking? If you watch some short films like this first, believe me, it will help you get a good idea. Then notice which filmmaker has used the idea to finish the film.

Every short film has some steps so if you want to go through any of them you have to have a good idea about it. Think of ideas that help you make a full-fledged film, excluding original movie  ideas that don’t inspire you. So, I will share some tips on how to come up with a better idea for a short film without actors on a consistent basis.

Short Film Without Actors

Short Film Without Actors-11 Proven Tips And Tricks

1.Change The Mindset


Many people may think that a short film without a character is just impossible. We need to change this mentality, we need to change the idea that a film has to be a character. Even a beautiful idea can be a short film without character.

2.Watch Other Film Without Actor


To get a better idea and more information you should watch other films without an actor. The more you watch without character short film, the more you will gain knowledge about it. To watch another film is more important. Being a good consumer of art will help you become a better artist.

This can be a great way to get ideas. Remember, even if very little, the ideas are really effective. Don’t feel bad about taking someone else’s idea and putting your own spin on it because if you don’t learn how to make a film. The possibility is that he did exactly the same thing that you borrowed the idea from the filmmaker.

3.Use The World Around You


Use the world around you to make short films without characters. There are a lot of elements scattered around you that are suitable for without characters short films. So pay attention to everything, go out without setting at home, stay at nature. Notice what people are doing outside and notice how people perform a task, create ideas from here, and use them as material for your short film.

4.Use Appropriate Resources


The resources we use as independent filmmakers are often limited. So we have to try to make short films with limited resources. So, short films need to be created to ensure the proper use of limited resources. If you are not using the proper resources for your short film it just flops or the short film may also flop if you misuse resources. For example, you want to convey a direction of life through a short film using some lights. In that case, your necessary resources are light and other elements. But if you don’t use lights now or use a ball instead of lights, it will be inconsistent.

5.Make The Film You Think You Need To Make


You should make the film you think you need to make. Because which one is easier and more suitable for you depends on you alone and you should always create what you think is easy. For example, if you are a science student, you should make some short films based on science because you have a good idea about it.

6.Create A Beautiful Story


You created a story for a short film that is not very complex and easy for the audience to understand, it will annoy the audience to see your film. So prepare a simple and beautiful story. A great way for you to create a story that no one has created before is something completely new. This kind of story creates a quick response among the viewers. Because viewers are always eager for something new, they are always eager to try something new.

7.You Can Shoot Nature/Object/Animal


To make short films without actors you can shoot nature or object or animal. Natural contains many elements such as; you can make short films with soil, water, wind, moon, sun, plants, rivers, and sea. For example, you can highlight the autobiography of a tree in a short film, or you can make a short film about the effectiveness of sunset or you can make a fiction short film with a natural element.

You can shoot in the object. There are many objects such as; plastic bags, pens, chairs, tables, houses, furniture, lights, clock, etc. You can make a short film using any one or more of these elements. California producer Jeremy Irons made a short film starring a plastic bag. You can make a short film about any animal where forest animals and birds will be the main character.



This is a short film where there will be no actors so its location will depend on what kind of film you will create. If you create something with nature then the location will definitely be somewhere natural. For example, if you want to tell the story of an elephant in your short film, you must shoot in the jungle but if you portray the life of an elephant inside the house, it will be eye-catching.

9.Create It Without Budget Or With Budget


You can create it without a budget or with a budget. But most of the short film without actors are without spending budget. Because where no character will play, no costumes are needed, there is not much need for a budget. You can make a short film with a lot of money if you want but I think it is better not to have a big budget for a short film

10.Shoot And Edit It Yourself

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After creating a script for a short film then you need to shoot it. The first thing you need to do after shooting the short film is to watch it carefully and notice what went wrong. Then identify the errors. Once you have identified the errors, correct them, cut out unnecessary parts, and add something as needed.

Give the necessary effect by understanding the mood of the film and check the sound quality. Make sure your sound is clear. It is often seen that if the quality of your microphone is not good, it can sometimes make unwanted noises and sometimes loud or slow sounds. So you should use a good quality microphone. Take a look at the dialogues in your short films and see if it is elegant, appropriate, and straightforward.

11.Wait For Review


Everyone expects a good review after making a short film. You can understand the audience’s feedback about the short film through reviews. Wait for the review to know how the audience reacted to the short you made. If viewer reviews are bad, find out what’s wrong with your short film and try to fix it. Avoid these issues in your next short film.


Short films are very challenging without actors so I think those who are thinking of making a new short film will not try this. This does not mean that it should never be made or that it is not possible to make it. After gathering more ideas about it you should create it. If you can create a captivating story with good ideas then the audience will definitely like it.

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