Signs Of Being Obsessed With Someone [Must Know]

Are you curious to know about signs of being obsessed with someone? Well, when you are in a relationship, and even when you do not have an affiliation as such with the other person, sometimes we get confuse two feelings that, although very similar, are opposite, such as love and obsession. 

Love is a quite deep and intense feeling that even changes our brain chemistry. For all this, sometimes human brain fails to identify the extent of their feeling and that simply turns to obsession. Moreover, he can determine if it has already become an obsession.Therefore, here in this article, we are focusing on common signs of being obsessed with someone. So, if you want to explore them, stay tuned! 


7 Frequent Signs Of Being Obsessed With Someone

7 Frequent Signs Of Being Obsessed With Someone


A person who is in love can get to do crazy things for the loved one or make decisions that they never imagined they could take, such as going to live in another country to be close to him/her.

You may do it to make very long trips to be able to spend one more day with loved one, among many other things. Next, we are going to show you what are the main symptoms of a person who is experiencing an obsession and not love. Psychologically in love or hooked? Pay attention to this series of symptoms since if you feel identified with one or most of them. It is an excellent indicator that you are obsessed with that person. So, here are signs of being obsessed with someone:

1.All The Time You Are Thinking About That Person


You spend all your time thinking about that person. It is to the extent that you are beginning to forget about yourself, your interests, and even some of your needs. You have found that it is difficult for you to concentrate on your work, school, and practically everything you do.

You often forget important things that you have to do because that person occupies every one of your thoughts. Your thoughts towards that person are mainly based on the concern generated by imagining that at some points he or she can meet the same with another person.

It’s a insecure alarm of your mind when you didn’t meet or communicate for several hours. Your neurons create some thoughts like what he/she is doing without you. Does she missing you or not? And this confusion makes you to think are you in love with the right person? or just wasting your feelings.

It is among many other thoughts that only produce tension and stress. It may also be that you no longer dare to start new projects. You may set new goals because you feel unable to achieve them. In short, being with that person, rather than helping you to be better and feel happier and safer. You may notice that with each passing day, you feel worse with yourself and more attached to him (her).

2.Your World Is Focused On Him


You have realized that you have reached a point where no longer speak. can do much less to visit your friends and even your family since you spend all your free time spending with that person. You feel that you do not care about anything or anyone else.

Whether it is other people or the circumstances you are going through, the most important thing for you is that person. The only thing that worries you is being well with him (her). Because right now is the only reason you have to be happy. And in case something goes wrong between you, you are sure that your world will fall apart.

It can also be the case that if you were a person who liked to meet new people and interact with others. Now you are hiding from everyone and that great interest that you had before. It seems as if it had disappeared from overnight. All your plans, your vital objectives, your day to day are focused on that person and nobody else.


You live with him (her) and spend all your time spying on him/her by all possible means. So you make use of social networks to realize his situation. You can at least have clues about where you will be right now, who you will be with, what you will be doing, among other things. You are also aware that if you have met new people. And if so, you start to investigate who they are, where they have achieved, etc. Like every little activity makes you crazy for overthinking.

 In other words, you become a private detective whose only priority is to be informed at all times of each movement the other person makes. You even tend to check his mobile (in case you can have access to it), reading his messages one by one.You can also think of finding out about all his contacts, checking all his photos, etc. In short, you don’t stop planning new strategies to stay up-to-date with that person.

4.The Desire To Always Be CLose Arises



Whoever is obsessed with another person does not necessarily seek to attract their attention. It depends a lot on the type of personality they have and the level of self-esteem they have.However, what usually happens is that an intense desire to be close to his/her appears. This latter situation can make the intimacy of those who generate attraction be compromised.

It can happen by having someone who follows them closely, both physically and virtually. It can also occur through new technologies and accurately through the Internet.In the most extreme cases in which there is harassment, it may even be that the person being followed considers himself or herself in danger.

It can happen while perceiving that there is someone who meddles too much in their life or who may even receive physical attacks.It is regardless of whether this occurs or not, it is wearing on their quality of life that generates suffering from the first moment. 




Normally, those who feels obsessed with a person suffers because their expectations of being with that subject are not satisfied by reality. This is because, in most cases, someone who has entered this dynamic emotional demands a degree of involvement in the relationship that few people are willing to offer. 

It makes him feel a certain level of anguish. It is not because of whether the other person will agree to relate more to him in the future. But because of the current situation, which is perceived as a stage of stagnation. 

6.Obsession Insomnia

Obsession Insomnia


Sleep is another aspect that is related to falling in love. People in love, generally, tend to sleep less due to the degree of excitement caused by thinking about the person they love.

For example, they can go to bed imagining how and when their next meeting will be, how good they are having with that person. They can imagine creating stories related to the subsequent encounters or imagining what their life together would be, among other things.

This, to some extent, is normal and typical at this stage in which a person is extremely in love. It is mainly at the beginning of the relationship or when they are barely getting to know each other. However, we can say that this has begun to become an obsession when days, weeks, and months go by. And you continue not being able to sleep well, worries do not let you sleep, and you sleepless and fewer hours.

It can bring thoughts that they were more positive and related to the perfect love story. Now they have become extremely negative and catastrophic. While imagining the ideal relationship, there is always the dreadful fear of thinking that the other person could abandon you. 

You spend a long season finding yourself most of the time physically and emotionally ill due to lack of sleep. often have dreams and/or nightmares with that person. notice that you find yourself getting worse and more exhausted.

7. Self Insecurity

Self Insecurity


You see that over time, probably since you met that person, the confidence you previously had in yourself has decreased considerably. 

Before you considered yourself a person with higher self-esteem, more independent, more cheerful, you felt that your happiness did not depend on anything. Moreover, you did not depend on anyone, and now you find that the opposite is happening to you.Right now, you feel that without that person, life would not make much sense to you. feel good being only by his side. You feel very uneasy when they are separated.

have the constant feeling that at any moment, he could abandon you. By focusing solely and exclusively on that person, you have begun to put aside everything you liked to do. You no longer enjoy being with your friends and family as before; you feel more vulnerable.


Obsession is a kind of intense attraction towards a person. You can get obsessed with a person before even you know it. So, always be careful about it and remember the signs of being obsessed with a person to save yourself.  Therefore, that’s all on signs of being obsessed with someone. You can follow the guide in order and make the most of it!

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