Springfield XD Subcompact 9mm vs Taurus G2c

We are living in a modern world. Technological development revolutionizes our planet. We are no longer primitive people. Nowadays, we use technological equipment in every sphere of our life. But it is a matter of sorrow that people are misusing science and technology.

Scientific knowledge and technology are being used to build killing weapons, harm humanity. With the invention of firearms, evil persons use them to weigh war, practice political power, conquer lands and execute criminal activities like robbery or killing.

For this reason, in a world that is so chaotic, where our safety is at stake, we must use firearms to defend ourselves. Again, some people need to keep firearms to protect themselves from wild animals, particularly those who like to hike and camp in forests and mountains. Springfield XD and Taurus G2c are two of the well-known defending firearms.

As you are here, we guess that you want to buy a pistol. Here we will discuss Springfield XD subcompact 9 vs Taurus G2c and try to figure out which one would be suitable for you. Would you mind checking the laws of your state on carrying firearms before you purchase one?

Springfield XD Subcompact 9mm vs Taurus G2c

Springfield XD Subcompact 9mm Vs Taurus G2c

These two firearms are good quality pistols and serve their purposes well. They are both 9mm firearms that people like to carry concealed. Which one is the best? The answer to this question may vary from person to person.

They are almost similar in qualities and specifications with a slight difference. So, let’s jump straight on comparing some features of these two guns.

Mag Capacity

The mag of the Springfield XD subcompact 9mm can hold 13 rounds of 9mm bullets. So, the capacity of this gun is 13+1, which means 13 rounds on the mag, and one is ready to go. On the other hand, the mag of the Taurus G2c can hold 12 rounds of bullets.

So, the Taurus G2c has 12+1 rounds capacity. So, the former has a slight edge on the mag capacity. Now, an extra round can always help you. The more rounds, the more people like it. If you are okay with one less round, you can go with the Taurus G2c.


The Springfield XD weighs 26 oz. But the counterpart, Taurus G2c, weighs much less. It is a lighter gun to carry with only 21.15 oz. Many people like to carry lighter guns, particularly newbie shooters. So, if you are one of them or like to carry a lighter one, Taurus G2c would be the suitable choice.

But the irony is that more the weight, less the recoil. So, if you are worried about firing reactional pushback, you might want to choose the one with less recoil, the Springfield XD subcompact.

Width and Barrel Length

The thinner and lighter the pistol, the more people like it. We all like to carry lighter and thinner pistols as they are easy to draw in an intense situation. In this department, Taurus gives you the thinner and lighter one compared to Springfield.

The width is slimmer of the Taurus G2c over the Springfield XD subcompact 9mm pistol. But the barrel length is slightly larger on the Taurus one. The length of the barrel is 3.5 inches for the Taurus G2c. And it is 3 inches for the Springfield XD subcompact.


Both guns have a striker-fired trigger. The Taurus G2c has a long trigger pull with a flat wall and a nice close reset. On the other hand, the Springfield XD has a much smoother trigger pull. It has a shorter take up, and shorter trigger reset.

So, we want to give Springfield an upper hand in the trigger department. So, if you like to use a smoother trigger pull, you might want to go for Springfield.


Reliability is the strongest plus point for the Springfield Armory guns. They have the most reliable guns available, and they are older in the business. For this single reason, maybe Springfield is going to win the battle over the Taurus G2c. Springfield XD is more proven on the field.

Springfield is the name of reliability to gun lovers. It is because they have almost no bug or malfunction reports over the years. But Taurus is a little less reliable and comparatively newer counterpart. They have still a lot to prove on the field.

There were some issues faced by the Taurus users, though the company fixed them. Of course, it does not mean that Taurus is a piece of crap. So, if you want to trust the name, Springfield is the way to go.

Loaded Chamber and Sight

Both ones have a loaded chamber on the top. Taurus G2c has a much longer and significantly noticeable loaded chamber. But the counterpart has a smaller loaded chamber. As for the sight, Springfield has a slight edge. Its three-dot sight is much easier to target.

Grip Safety

The Springfield XD subcompact has a grip safety on its grip. But there is no grip safety feature on the Taurus G2c pistol. Grip safety functions as a trigger lock for an extra layer of safety while carrying the gun. The grip safety is pressed when you hold the gun’s grip, and the trigger is online to shoot.

The usefulness and likeness of this feature is objective, vary from person to person. Many people do not like it because if it malfunctions, which is very unlikely, the trigger is death, and so you are. Again, many people like it because grip safety functions as an extra layer of security.

So, the decision is up to you. You can go for Taurus G2c if you are not up for the grip safety feature.

External Slide Safety

There is an external slide safety on the left side of the Taurus G2c pistol. It is not available on the Springfield one. You have to slide and turn the safety off to get going to shoot. Now, this is another feature and people can or cannot like, depending on persons.

Imagine your safety is on, and the situation turns hot. Now you need to open fire as early as possible. But you cannot fire until you push the external slide safety back online. So, if you think this external safety slide is useless, you may want to go for the Springfield XD subcompact 9mm pistol.


In the department of reloading guns, Springfield has the upper hand over the Taurus G2c. The former has smooth, comfortable and quick reloads. They made it easier for both the left and right-handers. But the reloading speed is a bit slow for the Taurus G2c. It is the reason many people preferring Springfield over Taurus G2c.


The Springfield one is much better, keeping the recoil lesser. We know that subcompact guns produce more pushbacks while firing. But XD’s recoil is easily manageable. On the other hand, Taurus G2c produces more recoil than its counterpart, as it is much lighter. So, if you are a rookie controlling the recoil while firing, Springfield may be the suitable option for you.


The Springfield XD subcompact gun is more expensive compared to the Taurus G2c. We will not mention the exact price of the pistols here because it is subject to change. But you can always get a Taurus G2c pistol about 100 to 200 dollars less the price of the Springfield counterpart. So, if you want to choose a more budget-friendly one, Taurus is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

The Springfield XD subcompact and the Taurus G2c are both top quality firearms. They serve the purposes best. According to our consideration, after evaluating all these categories, the Springfield XD has the edge over the Taurus G2c.

The Springfield XD has a long track record of reliability and has successfully gained more popularity. There is more capacity on the mag, better trigger pulling experience, smoother machine work, quicker releasing of the mag and reloads, and better-controlling recoil under the belt of Springfield XD subcompact 9mm pistol.

Guess now you know the result of the battle between Springfield XD 9 subcompact vs Taurus G2c.

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