Types Of Luggage Material You Should Consider While Travelling?

When you are around to travel, the first thing you might consider is to select the appropriate suitcase for you that holds all your belongings. If your luggage, unfortunately, separates on the carousel with the clothes and hanging out from the torn part, you might be ashamed, no doubt. So, you should find high quality and buoyant luggage to evade spiteful experiences which will give you maximum fortification whereas traveling.

The purpose of creating this blog is mainly for those of you who are planning for a trip; however, you have only elementary knowledge almost travel bags. In this article, I will help to let you know the types of luggage materials obtainable on the market, their benefits, and drawbacks. All these might help you to consider buying…and what to avoid.Please keep reading to make your trip more convenient.

Types Of Luggage Material

Types Of Luggage Material You Might Choose  – A Defenitive Guide

Fix Your Criteria:

There are profusely different qualitative luggage materials at present, either ordinary or exclusive. It totally depends upon you how much you want to pay for your luggage now. Equally, you have to think about which purpose you are traveling currently like adventure, business resolution, to visit museums, historic sites, or cycling.

Your selection may differ if it would be either a single or a family trip. Likewise, you might have to think twice about your preferences, such as hard side/ soft-side luggage, backpack, or duffel bag you are badly needed. If you have enough budgets, I will suggest you purchase a piece of high-quality luggage that perhaps your valuable property later.

The Factors For Choosing Luggage:

In point of the fact that you can’t get all single luggage is flawless for all trips at a time. Correspondingly before picking the preeminent travel bag to meet up your all needs and for the upcoming rides; you might have to consider several vital factors given below:

  • The bag’s size.
  • The weight of the bag
  • The versatility
  • The color
  • Outer Pocket
  • Inner robust fabric
  • It’s materials
  • The proper dimensions
  • Space
  • Safety features
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant capability
  • Waterproof functions
  • Strength
  • Longevity
  • Budget

Types of Luggage Materials:


There are two types of luggage materials such as:

  • Hard casing luggage – Polycarbonate, Aluminium, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and ABS-PC – Coated with Polycarbonate films DureFlex, PVC, etc
  • Soft casing luggage – Nylon, Polyester, Cordura Nylon, and Ballistic Nylon.

Hard Shell Travel Bags:


These types of bags are adequate in shielding delicate items like electronic gadgets or bottles of perfume. They can carry more than soft shell luggage. Unlike others, you might have seen some hard side travel bags at the same time lightweight, resistant, or fitted sized to most airplane cabins. Some hard-side suitcases afford extra pockets or compartments for keeping shoes or wet items. The main point of hard shell luggage is its stability rather than its style.


  • Water-resistance is much better.
  • It’s stress-free to clean specks of dirt.
  • It provides better safety for breakable items and electronics inside the case.
  • In general, they are robust and lightweight.
  • They cannot be over packed and suitable for carry-on luggage.
  • It delivers better security as the case frequently comes with combination locks.
  • Modern styling.
  • Comparing with soft shell luggage, it offers more capacity.


  • It’s entirely more burdensome.
  • It has no expansion abilities. So interior spaces are restricted.
  • Generally, it has no outer pockets.
  • If you want to remove a single item, you have to open the whole.
  • In overhead compartments, it’s impossible to squeeze.
  • You may face problems for its 4-wheel spinners on bumpy grounds.
  • Due to scratches, it’s easier to damage.
  • More Luxurious than soft shell luggage.

Soft Shell Travel Bags:


They are designed to organize all of your bits and pieces easily. Even though the fabric is thicker but the durability is much better. They are unfailing as they have pump-up cases, which might contribute you more room to carry unanticipated materials on your way back. Yes, it’s the main benefit because the fabric enlarges or can fit comfortably in the shaper at any compartment. But they are not broken like the hard-sided suitcases.


  • Habitually lighter
  • You can overpack it for its expanding abilities.
  • It’s looking fresh than hard case luggage because scratches are not detectable.
  • Always upright for packing and more comfortable to fit in constricted spaces.
  • Less expensive than hard side luggage.
  • It has convenient external pockets


  • It is not easy to preserve
  • It gets dirty, very fast.
  • Less secured as luggage locks are very occasional to see.
  • It has fewer defenses for hard pieces of stuff and fragile items.
  • It’s not water-resistant.


It is one of the most trusted materials which have been used in luggage for such a long time because of its robust fabrics. Contemporary Canvas materials are made from cotton or linen. It has two types: duck and plain. Duck canvas is eased more firmly than plain with its permanence. If someone is looking for protective, desirable, rough luggage, it might be their ideal of choice.



You may select to purchase a leather bag that is generally made by an animal’s skin because of its exciting endurance. .Even if you handle your leather luggage roughly, you have a low risk of terminate it. It is elegant looking and available in different colors and textures. Therefore it is one of the most pursued luggage materials on the market.


It depends on your financial plan and choice. Some people favor soft shell luggage as they are springier to fit into spaces, and you can accumulate it effortlessly. Outwardly Hard side luggage is mostly tenable and less disposed to damaging.

But I like myself a piece of elegant and fashionable leather luggage. In my opinion, it is a smart choice because it’s easy to maintenance, flexibility, durability, functionality, and exterior pockets, which are excellent to preserve smaller items.If you found this article seems quite exciting and might be beneficial for you, please share or leave a comment below.

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