Can You Use Any Headset With PS4? [Easy Procedures]

Enjoying the audio of the game while playing ps4 makes the game more interesting. But while playing the game, the audio plays loudly on the TV speaker, which annoys other members of the household. The best way to enjoy the game comfortably without disturbing any member of the household is to use headphones. But the problem with ps4 is that it is not compatible with headphones.

So if you think that you can easily connect PS4 with your regular headphones then this is your misconception. Connecting your headphones to the ps4’s console is a bit difficult.

But if you want to enjoy your favourite games without disturbing any member of your household, headphones are the best way to use them. Although it is a bit difficult, you can enjoy your game in the right way.

I will discuss with you some of the methods that you can follow to connect any type of headphones to your ps4. I’m sure one of these ways will work and you will be able to successfully connect your headphones to the ps4.

Can You Use Any Headset With PS4

Can You Use Any Headset With PS4?

Can I Connect Regular Headphones To PS4?

The answer would be yes. You can connect any type of headphones especially your regular headphones with PS4. However, the PS4 follows Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) standards. Which is brand new for headphone jacks that are not compatible with any type of headphones.

But some headphones are compatible with the ps4 and can be easily connected. But some inconsistent headphones will require a third party device to connect to the ps4. Third party devices are not expensive at all so don’t worry.

Here Are Some Ways To Connect Your Regular Headphones To The PS4

In most cases, these gamers will not be able to enjoy the audio of the game properly when they play games at night.  They can’t keep the speaker loud at night because others feel annoyed. Again many complain about the sound of their controller. It is very easy to turn off that sound. For this, first you have to long press the PS Four button.

Then enter the Sound or Device option, your PS4 may have the Sound or Device option. Then select Volume Control, Enter the controller option and take it to Zero. Then you will not hear the audio sound and others will not be bothered.

But if you want to enjoy the audio sound without disturbing anyone, you can use your regular headphones.

But not all headphones are compatible with the ps4, the default layout must have a headphone jack to be compatible with the ps4. The headphones will have four buttons and the left and right are the audio buttons. Then the ground and microphone buttons.

Audio (Left) > Audio (Right) > Ground > Microphone (Tip To Sleeve)

The headphones that have this layout are compatible with the PS4 and work just fine. Apple earpods do not have that layout, so it is not acceptable and compatible for PS4. There are some headphones that are perfect and compatible for PS4. You can enjoy the audio of your game with all those headphones. Using these headphones will give you a great experience for your PlayStation and they are not expensive at all.

That’s why you first need to choose which headphone you want to connect with ps4. The headphones need to be set up after plugging with PS4.

How To Connect Wired Headphones To PS4?

Wired headphones are the most preferred of the gamers’ headphones. Because they can use these headphones at any time and it does not need to be charged. Gamers can safely enjoy their games using wired headphones, where wireless headphones require regular charging.

But in my opinion both wireless or wired headphones are better if they are compatible for PS4. You can easily plug your wired headphones with PS4, but you need to follow a few steps.

  1. The dualshock controller has a button known as the PlayStation button. You have to long-press that button.
  2. Then press the button at the top of the D-pad and enter the Settings option of the controller.
  3. Then click on the device and select Audio.
  4. Here you will see many options and all of them are applicable for your device. But your headphones must be connected to the TV or monitor or controller through which you can enjoy your game.
  5. You will get a bar named Switch Output Device automatically and you have to check the box there. Otherwise the settings will be changed automatically every time you plug in or out the headphones.
  6. First click on the output device.
  7. You will find a list of outputs on the screen of your device. Then select Headphones Connected to Controller, then your headphones will be connected to the controller.
  8. Then select All Audio then all types of audio will be connected to ps4 headphones. Otherwise you will only be able to listen to chat audio. Scroll to the Audio Device page and you will get the Output to Headphone option. You have to select there.
  9. Then select the input device. And select the headphone microphone there then the ps4 will connect with your headphones. And you can enjoy your game.

You can select the adjusted microphone level to test the microphone. This will allow you to raise or lower the volume to your liking.

How To Connect Wireless HeadPhones To PS4?

Bluetooth headphones are effective among wireless headphones with the PS4. But to connect your wireless Bluetooth headphones to PS4, you will need the help of third party. You will need a Bluetooth dongle as a third party and you can easily connect the headphones to your ps4. Once the headphone is connected to ps4, you can follow the steps given above again. Then you can easily connect your wireless headphones to PS4 and enjoy your games.

Plus you can use your regular headphones on ps4 to control the sound of your choice. Connect your favourite headphones to the PS4 and enjoy your games. Thank you!

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