Do You Know The Secret Topics Teenage Guys Talk About!

Are you tense about your teenage offspring? Are you having trouble maintaining their attitude? Do you know what teenage guys talk about?Teenage or Adolescence is a very sensitive period of life. Every man has to pass through this period. During adolescence, boys or girls get some hormonal changes that show effect in their physical and mental growth. data-preserver-spaces=”true”>They think like they are grown up, and they don’t need anyone’s permission before doing anything. What they see at the time looks colourful.

They try to be adults and talk about matured issues which are not suitable for them yet.It’s the time when they actually asure their future. At teenage one’s company acts a significant role. If they keep good company, then they’ll be able to be in the right way of life. But if they keep the bad company, they go astray.Parents should look into this. They have to play a great role in teenage.So, If you want to know more, Then let’s have a look at my article.

Do You Know The Secret Topics Teenage Guys Talk About

4 Basic Facts of  What Do Teenage Guys Talk About

Basic Facts of What Do Teenage Guys Talk About


The basic topic of talking for most teenagers is love’s relationship. At teenage, they get attracted by their opposite gender. They feel curious about love. But there are some differences between girls and boys thinking.Mostly boys think about “sex”. He talks about it with his pals or siblings. It may sound weird, and it’s dishonourable for teen boys and the whole society.

On the other hand, girls don’t have interest in sex or in anything else which is directly or indirectly related to sex.Usually, when a teenage boy looks at a girl, she thinks that he likes her. And thus the girl starts talking with her pals about that and starts to feel shy inside and gather emotions in the heart. But actually, the boy was staring at the other girls also to choose someone beautiful and date with her.

Boys often don’t think about love they mainly think about romance and sexual motive.But there are some teen boys who are less interested in sex and motivated by love.Most of the time teen girls are little bit matured then same age teenage boys.That’s how sometimes there is a difference between thinking and talking of teen boys and girls.

1.Love And Relationships

Love And Relationships


When teenagers fall in love, they may not act in an upfront and forthcoming manner. They may act like when they are doing something they don’t have the concentration here. You’ll feel that their concentration is somewhere else.

 Thus they start acting weird. If you ask them why they are behaving weird, they become angry and sometimes decide to shut you completely out of their life.

 So that they become closer to their friends and talk about their crush. Maybe in this matter boys may not go to the depth of detail or daydream about marrying their crush, but a girl might go to the depth.

Next, they will still look to his pals for support and advice. If they carry good companies, then they will get good thoughts, but if they carry bad company they will get bad, adult and naughty thoughts.Sometimes teenagers are Inspired by friends, often get involved in wrong relationships, and after that, they become frustrated, which affects their study and normal life and hampers their career.

2.Curious Discussions

Curious Discussions


Teenage is a period when teens get mental and physical changes. These changes mainly occur by a hormone. This hormone creates its physical and mental changes.  As they get mental changes, they feel curious about physical changes. Nowadays, teenagers are the most users of social media. Mainly they use the internet to entertain themselves.

 But when boy teenagers watch romantic scenes or sexual behaviours, it encourages them about sexuality, and they start watching that kind of program more and start a discussion with their pals. Girl teenagers don’t feel interested as much as boys. They Feel shy outside but inside they imagine romantic moments with their love partner.

3.Discussion Of Daily Activities

Discussion Of Daily Activities


If you think that nowadays teenagers only think or discuss sex or romance, then you are wrong. They talk about their daily activities too. Teenage boys mainly like to talk about Mobile gaming, football, cricket, or about new movie releases or what is the latest topic on Facebook. 

Besides girls like to discuss their makeup, cooking, drama series and about uploading photos or posts on social sites and how many reactions or comments they get on their posts etc.

4. Supporting Parents

Supporting Parents


At teenage when teenage girls or boys suddenly meet with physical changes and they don’t understand what they should do or what they say.Teenagers try to develop their own identities by behaving or talking like elders.Their demand and also get changes.

They sometimes fall in love with the wrong persons, which is only emotion, not love.So parents have to play a vital role at this time. They should explain what their parents had done at their age.The relationship between parents and teenagers during the teenage years will help teenagers to develop or ruin relationships in future.


It may not be easy to be parents or to be a teenager. Parents have to behave friendly with their teenagers and make them understand what is good or what is bad. 

Without embarrassing them, talk with them friendly about physical appearances. Give them their freedom to speak their word.Teenagers are very complicated, and they deserve respect if parents respect their words or them. Then they will be respected by their offspring. Often parents behave dismissively with teenagers.

For which teenagers feel irritated, and they start avoiding their parents and become dependent on their friends.So parents should handle their teenagers carefully by their love and friendly behaviour. Try to know your teenagers because it’s become easier to know what a person is thinking or talking about if you know him/her well.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What Are The Fundamental Signs of Teenage Love?

  1. Isolation from friends and family.
  2. Frequent arguments between parents and their teens.
  3.  Lost activities in normal activities.
  4. Decrease academic results.  

2. How do Parents Play Vital Roles in Teenage?

  •  Give them knowledge about physical changes.
  • Don’t irritate them by argument.
  • Try to know your teens.
  • Become friends and provide them with mental support.
  • Keep your eyes on their activities.
  • Don’t allow them to use mobile phones from an early age. 

 So, after reading this article, I think you got ideas about what the Teenager guys talk about. So parents should love their offsprings and should be more conscious at this time and should become best friends with their teenagers. Thus teenage boys or girls will share their feelings with their parents and can be ready to make their teenage beautiful and easier.“Remember, nobody can be an ally in anyone’s life than their parents”.

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