Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen – What Should I Do?

In 1958, the first video game was invented by a physicist named William Higinbotham. That was a simple tennis game developed by him though that did not receive so many public attractions. But it is thought to be the first video game. So, what should you do when your Xbox one stuck on green screen? In the late 70s, the first successful and public attractive video game was developed which was known as Pong. From that time, many video games have been being developed every day by programmers. Snake Xenia, Real football, Fruit Ninja were some of the non-HD games for the previous generation.

Xbox One Stuck On green screen

Nowadays, the graphics sector has been developed up to its crown due to the success of modern technology. Today we can play 4K ultra HD realistic video games like Assassin’s Creed, Mortal Kombat X, Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, Call of Duty, Modern Combat, Resident Evil 7, Asphalt 9 and so other ultra-realistic video games. People are getting entertainment by playing these video games in their leisure time. So, they need a device which is fully capable of operating any sort of video games.

Are you a video game lover? Do you witness the action and thrill of the video games? Or you want to get real life experience of racing? Then you definitely own a video gaming device. These video games are developing gradually by the producers to provide you a realistic realm so that you can enjoy the thrill and action with eagerness staying at your home.

And that’s amazing! I think you own a Xbox one for playing the video games. But some malfunctions may occur when you are using this gadget for a long time. Many of you have claimed that your Xbox one is not responding for a long time and when you turn this gadget on then it is stuck on the green screen and still loading. No reason to be tensed about this issue. This is a common problem for the gamers. In this article, I will clear you about:

  1. What is a Xbox one?
  2. The reasons for which your Xbox one is facing the issue of being stuck on the green screen.
  3. Steps that have to be taken for fixing this issue
  4. Ways to prevent such type of issues

So, stay with us up to the last word of this article for getting a complete idea about this issue and other necessary information.

What Is A Xbox One?

Basically, the Xbox is a gadget developed by the Microsoft which is built as a video game console. This device is capable of operating all sorts of video games. The Xbox one was the first edition of Microsoft gaming team. It was announced officially in May 2013. In North America, some parts of Europe and in Australia and China it was released first.

In the time its main competitor was Sony Play Station 4 which was very popular for providing a better gaming experience to the customers in that time. It was launched as an eighth gaming console. It received many positive reviews for providing a smooth and better gaming experience to the gamers and its multimedia features. In general, the design used in it makes it more reliable than the launch time. But the graphical issues related with its technical problem made it less affordable then the Sony PlayStation 4.

Finally in 2016 the real Xbox One was debuted by the Microsoft. It was capable of operating up to 4K Ultra graphics games which made it a tough competitor with Sony’s PlayStation 4. Its size was also comparatively smaller than Sony PlayStation 4 and for this reason, the gamers afforded it more than other gadgets.

It supported HDR 10 high dynamic range videos and provided other graphics for the pro players. Comparing all the features with Sony PlayStation for it was a revolutionary gadget for the gamers in that decade. But this was not also free from some of the technical issues. The frequent hanging issue was quite mentionable along with slow performance. But in overall point of view, it was a praiseworthy invention.

What Exactly Is The Green Screen Of Death On The Xbox One?

The Xbox ‘Stuck on Green Screen of Death’ with no way out is a very annoying situation. There are several causes for this problem, but the most common is missing/corrupted boot files, which prevent Xbox from booting correctly and keep it stuck at the green logo screen.

Reasons for Which Your Xbox One Stuck On The Green Screen

Reasons for Which Your Xbox One Stuck on The Green Screen

No device is free from technical errors. Though you buy a gadget at a high price, it will contain any of the technical issues. But the difference is the branded and durable gadgets face fewer technical issues than the cheaper gadgets in the market. Because highly durable technical parts are used in the branded gadgets for providing better performance. Again because of misuses by the user, the devices face some issues. Now, the reasons for which the issue regarding your Xbox one being stuck on the green screen may occur are given below.

  1. When Xbox one starts to turn on then it need to connect with the server of Microsoft. This connection is for checking any updates from the Microsoft server. And for this reason, the Xbox one may stuck on its green screen.
  2. Poor network connection may hamper the succession of turning on of the Xbox one. If the Xbox one can not be able to connect with the server then it will stuck on the green screen.
  3. During the regular security checking if the Xbox one can notice any malware file in the storage then it may stuck on the green screen for a long time.
  4. Sometimes this gadget can not be able to read the data in it for internal technical issues and for this reason it tries to read those again which creates the issue of being stuck on the green screen.
  5. The device may be outdated or used for long years which gradually decrease the efficiency and durability of this gadget and as a feedback the Xbox one stuck on the green screen.
  6. If the processor gets damaged due to any internal or external reasons then it may happen.

These are some of the common reasons for which the Xbox one generally stuck on the green screen.

Steps To Be Taken for Fixing This Issue

You have already known about the reasons for which this type of problem may occur. Now we need to solve this problem as fast as we can. You may get excited and lose your patience for such kind of issue. But don’t do anything stupid by causing damage to your Xbox one. This is a rare device available in the market. Causing any serious damage to your Xbox one will charge additional money for fixing the further problem. This issue is not critical to solve. Now we will provide you the necessary steps those haven to be taken for fixing this issue.

  1. You can update your Xbox one for fixing this problem. Many times for not updating the Xbox one the older version can not be able to proceed further for giving feedback to your command. Then you have to update the Xbox one by connecting it with PC or other devices through USB accessories.
  2. You can give a factory reset in your Xbox one if after updating the Xbox one, this issue creates.

For giving a factory reset on the Xbox one you have to press the Xbox button for opening up the required guide. Then you have to go to the settings in the device. There will see‘system’ option inside which you will find the option ‘Console info’. Then you have to select reset factory. Pressing this will appear three options by which you will be able to reset the factory.

N.B: ( The factory reset will remove all the data remaining in your Xbox one. So, do it if all the other steps don’t work.)

  1. You can give a hard restart in your Xbox one. This will refresh the device and reboot automatically. For giving the hard restart in your Xbox one at first hold the power button up to 10 seconds. Then you will see the device to turn off. Then after some time it will reboot automatically.
  2. Check your internet connection while using the Xbox one. Fixing poor networking issue may solve this problem.
  3. Take the gadget to the nearest customer care service center of Microsoft. But this will be tough to find a customer care service center of Microsoft in every place. You may fix this issue from the third party service providers in your locality. But all of them may not be skilled for fixing this type of issues. The best is to take it in the customer care service center of Microsoft. Though this may cost more money, you will get complete service from them.

These are the necessary steps that people take for fixing such type of issues. You can try these steps for fixing the issue of Xbox one being stuck on the green screen.

Ways To Prevent Such Kind of Issues

Ways To Prevent Such Kind of Issues

The better way for not facing such kind of incident in your device is to follow the rules and regulations regarding the usage of the Xbox one. Some of the useful ways are mentioned below.

  1. Don’t overuse your device. Try to limit the usage for maximum three hours. Otherwise the device will heat up gradually and thus will create malfunctioning.
  2. Read the device manual of your Xbox one. There you will find the necessary steps for facing some problems those may appear in future.
  3. Try to refresh the device from the unnecessary files. These files take the huge portion of device storage and thus decrease the performance of your Xbox one.
  4. Don’t download files from unauthorized websites. Most of the files that remain in the unauthorized websites contain malwares in them which will affect the gadget greatly. Download from Google playstore or other playstore.

It can be hoped that by following these ways your device will not face any further problem in the future.


By following the mentioned steps, you will be able to fix the problem in your Xbox one. For more information, you can visit the official website of Microsoft where you will get all the solutions regarding the problems those may appear in future in your device. Don’t forget to inform us about any query. Keep yourself updated with new articles regarding technology in our website. I hope now you know what should you do when your Xbox one stuck on green screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1.Why Is My Xbox Turning On But Not Displaying Anything?

When you switch on the console, your screen goes blank. Eject any discs that are in the console. To switch off the console, press and hold the Xbox button for 10 seconds on the console. In any instance, your console will boot up in low resolution mode (640 480).

2.Why Does My Xbox Turn On But Not Work?

If your console would not power up, it may only require a power reset. Power problems are frequently caused by the power supply resetting after a power spike. To reset the internal power supply, perform the following steps: Reconnect the power cord to the system, and then hit the Xbox button on the front of the console.

3.Why Does My Xbox Turn On But Not Work?

If your console would not power up, it may only require a power reset. Power problems are frequently caused by the power supply resetting after a power spike. To reset the internal power supply, perform the following steps: … Reconnect the power cord to the system, and then hit the Xbox button on the front of the console.

4.How Can I Tell If My Xbox One Power Brick Is Faulty?

To indicate that they are getting electrical energy, all Xbox One power bricks have a light on them. The power source is operational if you observe a solid white or solid orange light. It must be changed if there is no light or if it flickers.

5.Can You Repair A Faulty Xbox?

If your Xbox One does not fit into one of the following readily handled categories, you will need to take it to a repair center to get it serviced. Opening and attempting to repair an Xbox One may violate the console’s warranty and may cause catastrophic harm.

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