What Is The Best Size Suitcase For One Week Trip You Might Pick?

Traveling anywhere for someday is not only giving you excitement and make you enjoyable; there’s abundant research to recommend it is incredibly advantageous for your mental, physical and emotional health as well. Consequently, there are vibrant, scientifically-backed health welfares of traveling around the world such as it makes you healthier, boosts your happiness or satisfaction, enhances your creativity, relieves health menaces, and lowers the risk of depression.

Therefore, you may be looking onward to a  solo or family weeklong trip in the coming months. At that moment, it should be the priority of how you will pack your belongings in the best-sized suitcase. Since now and then packing can be problematic for you as most of us tend to overpack.

Here are specific packing tips about what is the best size suitcase for one week trip you might choose and also help how to save some space in your luggage. Keep reading.

Best Size Suitcase For one Week Trip

Best Size Suitcase For one Week Trip – A Detailed Guide

Which Size Is Required For Your Suitcase?

  • Budget
  • Destinations and time of year
  • Type of trips you take (flights, road trips, cruises)
  • Weight
  • The extent of your tours
  • Stuffing habits

Are You Going For 1 Week Trip? Your Requirement Is a Medium-Sized Suitcase:

Medium-Sized Suitcase

It really sounds a bit exciting when you are evading yourself for your monotonous busy schedule for a week! You might ask yourself which suitcase size will be best for you for the upcoming seven days? may perhaps stuff all your bits and pieces into a cabin case. are thinking either a small, medium or large suitcase which one will be perfect, right?

Electing the precisely sized suitcase for your 1-week trip possibly will be delicate!

You could take a large size suitcase and superfluously jam-packed everywhere a bulky bag please thinks twice about this. On the other hand, you can pick a small one and leaving hearty attires overdue! Terrifying! Is not it?

Accordingly, it’s better to choose a medium one which will be the best size suitcase for a 1-week trip.


  • For the reason that with a typical size of 68cm/24″ and measurements of up to 75 liters, it has sufficient space to put up all your kinds of stuff,toiletries, garments, shoes, without being substantial and burdensome.
  • If you hand-picked a top-quality, medium-sized suitcase, it will provide you plenty of packing space, therefore, you can quickly embrace your suite or desired pair of shoes behind the pocket!
  • If you don’t overpack, it is moderately relaxed to handle than a large-sized suitcase.

Why Should You Choose A Suitcase Than A Backpack For Your Trip?

Why Should You Choose A Suitcase Than A Backpack For Your Trip

You might have seen a debate in the infatuated travel group. Backpacks vs. suitcase: which one is better for traveling? As this article is all around Best Size Suitcase For one Week Trip, hence I am provided few explanations whys and wherefores should you select briefcase over backpacks:

  • Health: Carrying suitcase will give you a sweat-free back, and hassle-free trip as everybody is not physically fit to carry a backpack due to health concern.
  • Wheels: It is the most desirable feature which gives you a foremost superiority than a backpack.
  • Professionalism: It offers a more specialized look when you check-in a luxurious hotel for business purposes.
  • Personal Convenience: You will almost not break a sweat, and it’s easy to maintain in all places.
  • Safety: It delivers secured code locking facilities.
  • Organized Packing: When you unzip your suitcase you will love to see a clear view of all your belongings than a backpack.

Select Your Type Of Travel:

Select Your Type Of Travel

Before selecting the finest and best size suitcase for your tour, I will put you forward to make a plan for some essential things given below:

  • Anticipate which suitcase brand and materials are right for you.
  • How many persons are included in your trip?
  • Hand-picked the travel root.
  • If you want to go by airlines, then I will recommend you to distinguish the weight restrictions for your airlines of choice.
  • Another important thing is to make sure you can handgrip the dimensions and weight of your suitcase getting to and from your home to the airport, lifting it into your check-in, carriage, upstairs, etc.
  • For your road trips, make sure initially that your suitcase will fit contentedly into the storage compartment of your vehicle.
  • Let’s think about whether you are looking at a suitcase for your voyaging trip. Formerly make sure the size will fit comfortably in your cabin.
  • At another point, please keep your mind; they normally heap your baggage in the boat’s belly before departure if you go for a boat sailing trip. Thus a flat, hard suitcase may be best for you.

Tip: You could have a good intention to purchase more souvenirs for your beloved, otherwise trying to save space to bring back loads of gifts. At that juncture, I will recommend you to choose a soft shell case rather than a piece of medium-sized hard side luggage.

Since you must bear in mind that a soft-shell suitcase will provide you the better capacity and flexibility than hard-shell bag even their volume is the same. For instance, it expands a little and accommodating more clothes. Accordingly, it is easier to stuff more pieces of stuff and, if needed, to pack wobbly- shaped items.

Two-wheel suitcases have more capacity than a four-wheel bag, although their size is a bit bigger. The size of the briefcase is measured from the grounds, including the wheels. The wheels of the two-wheel suitcase are lower than the four-wheel bag.


As a consequence, you may not love to pay the excess baggage fees! As well, airlines are getting harder about size constraints and weight restrictions these days. Thus make sure that your suitcase is the best size for your 1-week trip, which can hold everything safe and sound under the weight limit.

Likewise, you may have young kids; thus, before purchasing, you need to think approximately the size of the suitcase so that all things can manage relaxingly.

Such as they are growing over the years and their packages badly needed extra space in your suitcase. In that case, I am giving you an option to purchase two large luggage instead of four small-sized bags. If my blog impressed you, please like, share, and leave a comment below

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