Why Is Everyone Talking About 42 Effective Short Film Ideas?

You just want to practice your craft and make a short film but coming up with a short film idea is a tough job. I have come up with some ideas to help you. Effective Short Film Ideas are arranged to help filmmakers conquer any creative block and create short film ideas. Let me recite these ideas then you can combine ideas or subtract ideas or change ideas or create something new with the ideas of this short film.

Gather a group of people who are interesting in making a short film and start talking about ideas that will improve your ideas. Discuss everything there and don’t get embarrassed because the more ideas available, the better. Write the script before starting the film. It is important to know where the story begins, rises, falls, and ends. With all these issues in mind, 42 short films were discussed.

42 Effective Short Film Ideas

Why Is Everyone Talking About 42 Effective short film ideas

Real-Life Events


Real-life events you can include here whether it is an event in your own life or someone else’s life.

  • You can share what happened to you. You can share any happy or sad moments or memorable events in your life. For example, you can make a short film about those memorable moments of your first day of college or the memories of those lost days of childhood.
  • You can also make a short film happening in the world.
  • make a short film about an event that is happening all over the world.
  • You can make a short film about an event you saw with your own eyes. For example, you can make a short film about the experience of those horrible moments when a person died in front of your eyes in a road accident or a wolf came on wall streets and attacked people and bit someone’s leg.
  • Any game held recently can be a great idea for your short film.

Real-Life Events


The media does inspirational work to get short film ideas.

  • There are lots of films in the multimedia sector. You can watch a film you get ideas from them.
  • Television is one of the mediums to get ideas. If you like a specific TV program, you can follow it and get the idea of a short film.
  • Countless videos are on YouTube where you can get the idea of a short film.
  • You can watch the daily news and come up with short film ideas from some of its notable events.

Favorite Film


  • What kinds of film do you like and why? You can mention that idea.
  • You can take ideas from any film of your choice. If you like horror films or comedy or action movies, make short films on whatever you like. When you make a short film about a subject of your choice, you will be more interested in working on it and you can make a beautiful short film by mixing the sweetness of the mind and give it as a gift to people.
  • Who does not love to watch ghost fantasy thrilling movies? So make a horror short film using this idea.
  • A moment of laugher or a joke can make a person happy. So try to make comedy stories to create great short film ideas.
  • If you like action movies then you can make short films based on it.



  • You can also collect short film ideas from any genre policy.
  • Every society has some customs you can create short films with ideas from them. For example,
  • From the genre of religion, you can make a short film in that style by taking ideas.
  • About a particular genre of marriage in a particular community you can make a short film.

Work Backwards


  • You can take the idea of a short film from the events behind the making of a film. For example, you’ve already made a full action movie. You can make a short film with ideas from the events you encountered while making the movie.
  • You can also get an idea of a short film from the steps you take to capture a film beautifully.

Write For Your Passion


  • Anything that interests you can be the subject of a short film. If your passion is sports, you can make short films from its ideas.
  • Think of your favorite hobbies? If you have a hobby of traveling around the country and abroad then your travel experience can be a great idea for shorts films.
  • If you are passionate about playing music. The idea for your short film can be the experience of playing music and winning first place in a competition.

Feature Film Idea


  • From different types of feature films, you can take ideas. For example, the first feature film of all the time “The Story of Kelly Gang” is a silent film from which you can get the idea of a short film.
  • You can get short film ideas from drama feature films that focus on developing conflict between the heroes.
  • You can find ideas from a musical feature film that has some small hurdles as it develops.

Filming Equipment


  • One of the components of filming equipment is the camera. You can create your ideas by learning different ways to use the camera from other filmmakers.
  • You can differentiate the costumes used for your short film from others with your ideas.
  • Not using all the tools in your short film, as usual, you can create something unique by using new ideas.

Who Or What Is The Antagonist


  • There may be many antagonists in your short film. So you have to identify the antagonist.
  • Suppose you are having trouble making your short film because of the sun, so your antagonist here is the sun, so find an idea that can resist the sun.
  • You want to show in your short film a moment when a girl is picking flowers in a flower garden on a spring afternoon but you can’t because of the rain, so use a great idea to resist the rain.

Lyrics Of Songs


  • You can get short film ideas from the lyrics of any song of your choice.
  • To make the short film more interesting you can add any song or part of the song.
  • You can combine different song lyrics and use them as short film dialogues.

Fairy Tales


  • Fairy tales are perfect for short film concepts.
  • There are many storybooks based on fairy tales and you can get ideas from them.
  • You can take ideas from fairy tales heard from your granny as a child.

The idea in- Room Or Indoor



  • A man living abroad in his single house, is worried about his family because they are suffering from terrible floods. The phone call came from the country. He has lost control over facial expressions, emotions, and so on.
  • There are a few people in a bachelor’s room. One of them died at night, they were terrified all night, suddenly a man woke up and he got out of bed realized that everything was just a nightmare.
  • The staff of an organization rents a flat to stay. A new female staff member joined the company but had no place to stay so he was forced to take refuge in another staff’s flat. They become best friends and spent the night talking. (no mood but they become respectful of each other)

Idea In- Outdoor


  • In the evening a little boy found a cave in the mountains next to his house. He stayed there for a while but was afraid to enter the cave, suddenly a strange man came out of the cave and the boy seeing a strange man run away in fear. The strange man began to follow him.
  • A girl follows an unknown boy across the town. The two then arrive at the ancient minibar. When the girl arrives at the bar, everyone will treat her like they have been waiting for a long time. But the girl did not know that the unknown boy she was following has deliberately brought her to this place.
  • A man was lying on the road in the heavy rain when a stranger saw the man lying behind and went to help him. At that moment the man lying on the street went to kill the stranger because the man lying on the street was a psycho. In the end, the psycho man won.


I know that making a short film is very challenging and so difficult. This is very scary for beginners. Many are afraid to make a short film despite having a proper idea because they think, what if people don’t like it after making a short film? Believe in yourself, your first few short films may be bad but if you stick to it a success will come. Here i try to give you Effective Short Film Ideas that are proven methods i hope its will help you a lot
THank you

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