How To Get His Attention Back Through Text in Long Distance Relationship

You are having dinner with your sweetheart. Both of you are talking so passionately. You have a portion of adequate mouthwatering food, delicious drinks, and heartbroken music is around you. You are feeling inside that you are the happiest person in this universe, and one can’t be able to break your cheerfulness at that moment. Suddenly you wake up. Your self-realizations will tell you all that you have seen are nothing but sweet dreams or false imaginations.

The heartless truth is your guy ignoring you. He is not even answering your phone calls or SMS also. You are restless and eagerly waiting to keep in touch with him. Keep reading, and this blog may help you to know how to get his attention back through text in a long-distance relationship.

How To Get His Attention Back-In 9 Easy Ways

How To Get His Attention Back

1.Make Him Cheerful

Make-him-cheerful How To Get His Attention

Indeed, you became anxious for your guy. You want to talk to him a little bit. But don’t give him SMS consistently either he may not like your over-concern. If you text him every single hour of the day, you will become readily available to him.

Perhaps, he might be irritated over you for some reason. You should write about another topic. Write something unique and special SMS so that your perfect sense of humor will make him relaxed and laughter. If he replies to you, start again and happily begin conversations over the phone.

2.Stop Giving Monotonous Texts:



If you want to develop a successful relationship, stop being monotonous. Guys always expect charm from his sweethearts. It’s not necessary you have to look gorgeous at all times. You don’t need to change your hairstyle or fashion regularly. Better you need to energize your mutual bonding every day. You take care of your partner, typically. But don’t give him monotonous texts all day long. Per his choice, give him charismatic SMS occasionally, which may make him delightful. Be so fascinating that your guy will be excitedly waiting for your presence.

3.Be His Friend: Be The Best For Him


It’s necessary to build up a better understanding of your guy. If you genuinely love your partner, I recommend you to be his best friend. I assure you, he will not want to lose his most excellent friend, nevertheless. Talk with him passionately and be realistic so that he can share his all well and woe without any hesitation.

Your guy might have rare favorite persons excluding you whom he cares a lot, be affectionate them too. Now and then give him texts regarding themselves about whom he loves to talk. It may be satisfying him. When both of you are in the distance, this habit will support you in getting closer to him. It’s another effective way of how to get his attention back through text.

4.Discuss Openly:


Ask questions that contain more than a one-word answer or that need him to talk elaborately. As an example: Which movie do you prefer to watch several times and why? Or will you please share some of your unforgettable pleasant moments?

Be tricky while choosing questions so that he may not be able to answer shortly. Ask to know details about his hobbies or his interest. Make your interactions hilarious through text and go into thoughtful dialogue. When your conversation becomes boring, give an excuse, and get out of it. Make yourself always curious about him. I believe this works.

5.Mention The Favorite Nickname:

Mention-the-favorite-nickname How To Get His Attention

Whenever you text him, address him with sweet names, which he likes most. No need to be an open book for him. Keep the attired distance to him so that he never feels a lack of attraction to you. Your calling cute and innovative names will energize him.

6.Don’t be Mysterious:

Don’t-be-mysterious How To Get His Attention

I don’t agree when peoples will give you a trick back either ignoring your guy sometimes or stop texting him intentionally. As far as my experiences or talking to other guys, some of them dislike if you play a mind game with them. Most of them told me they don’t like immature girls who love to do mysterious activities to seek their attention. Be natural. Your strong personality, straight forward attitude, and honesty may drive his awareness back to you spontaneously.

7.Give him Freedom:

Give-him-FREEDOM How To Get His Attention

Don’t force your guy to reply to your SMS, for instance. He might be busy with his professional works, study, driving, watching movies, or other daily necessary activities. Keep in mind that he also has a life excluding you, so give him the flexibility to contact you.  Tell him always about his suitable timings and wait for your reply until he gets free.

But if he does not text you back after a couple of hours or keeping his silence for days, don’t be clingy. Ask him directly about his silence. If he can’t give you proper explanations, think twice in your calm brain and set what you will do for the next.

8. Don’t Argue Over Text:

Don_t-argue-over-text How To Get His Attention

It’s factual that sometimes you may become angry with your guy. Yes, both of you need an elaborate discussion for a clear understanding. But don’t make the argument over text. If you do it habitually, he might ignore your SMS to answer. On top of that, sometimes you need to talk to him, which is uncomfortable for both of you.

Then make a specific plan and text him immediately to meet outside. It’s better to speak freely in front of him rather than making fire on texts. I believe this is the best idea to get his attention back through text.

9.Be Engaged:

Be-engaged How To Get His Attention

Involve with your guy so loyally in every aspect of his life. Undoubtedly, whenever you are willing to keep a distance from him for logical reasons, he might miss you immensely. If you can do it successfully, you might have no fear of losing his attention anymore.

Finally, we love to talk over phone or dating rather than texting at present. But very often texting is as much as essential to get his attention back in a long-distance relationship. Please share your comments below if you found this blog helpful!

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