IPhone Microphone Not Working But Speaker Does [What To Do]

Many have complained that the iPhone’s microphone is not working properly but the speaker is working. In most cases, the problem is that the person does not hear what is being said. Audio quality is not clear and is stuck. Moreover, video calls or audio calls are intertwined and the words are not heard at all.

Again, many complain that they do not hear the other person clearly when they speak. Moreover, the microphone does not work properly because it is tied up and obscured.

Not only phone calls but also sound problems have appeared in videos on iPhone. When a video clip is recorded, the audio quality is not good when the recorded video is viewed later. Audio is blocked due to microphone problems. In addition to muffled sounds, loud noises actually cut the audio.

If this is the case with your iPhone, how do you fix it? I will give you some solution. I hope you will find a solution to this problem if you have a problem with your iPhone microphone.

IPhone Microphone Not Working But Speaker Does

Why Is There A Problem With The Microphone Or Audio On The iPhone?

Complaints of problems involving the microphone of the iPhone are more common from different carriers. The iPhone is a favorited brand of most people and it is not isolated from any carrier. Microphone problems are more common when the latest iOS updates are being installed on the iPhone. Many thought it could be due to software but the idea was wrong. Moreover, most of them are suffering from microphone problems even after the replacement unit.

The software also causes problems with the microphone audio on the iPhone. The following software is considered to be the cause of microphone problems.

Reasons of iPhone Microphone Not Working But Speaker Does

1.Faulty Application

Audio quality is bad on iPhones when defective audio or files are opened on the phone. Because the audio quality is not clear, it does not mean that your iPhone has a microphone problem. If it appears that the microphone problem is only visible in a specific audio file, then you have a problem with that particular audio file. So you should open different types of audio files or applications and check if your microphone is working properly.

2.Incorrectly Configured Audio Settings

Hearing problems on the iPhone are usually seen if the audio volume is at a low level. But I think if you have an audio problem with your iPhone, first check if the file is at low volume. So to save your time and effort you should first check this before going to phone settings. This problem is more common if your phone is connected to a Bluetooth device or jack port.

So first check if your iPhone is connected to any Bluetooth device and if it is connected then disconnect it. Because it can also cause microphone problems in your iPhone. So you turn off the Bluetooth of your iPhone and check if the sound of your microphone is OK.

3.Defective Software

Some positive output or enhancements are seen when the iPhone software is automatically updated. But software developers try to keep the software as error free as possible.  Users themselves make some changes to the software after purchasing the phone.

To show these errors due to some changes in the settings of applications on device. These software’s are tested when they are created.  The developer transmits the application to users when the application is complete error-free. Even if the software is error free, it does not guarantee that it will be completely free to users. This is why microphone problems can occur when software updates.

4.Third Party Accessory

Microphone problems can occur when you use a third party cover on your iPhone. Because using some cheap covers can cover small holes in your phone’s microphone. Because there are many accessories that are not perfect for your iPhone. And as a result of using them, you have problems with the microphone in the phone.

For this reason I would suggest you to open the case of your iPhone then try the audio sound test of your phone. If you see that there is no problem with your phone’s microphone, then your iPhone’s microphone has no problem. However, I would suggest that you always try to use the iPhone accessories.

5.Defective Audio Material

If you have a hardware problem with your phone, then this microphone problem occurs. If you have had any fluid or physical damage before your iPhone, there may be a microphone problem. If that happened then you would have no choice. Then you have to take your iPhone to a good technician so they can fix your phone problem! If your iPhone still has a warranty, you will have the opportunity to replace your phone unit or solve the problem for free.

There Are Some Things You Need To Be Sure of Before Solving Problems.

First unplug your iPhone towards the headphone jack or remove it if your phone has a third-party accessory.

It is often seen that the microphone cannot be heard clearly due to the accumulation of dirt and the audio clip is tied up. So I would suggest that you first clean the microphone of your iPhone with a small brush. Do this gently and carefully. This is because the microphone has many fine grills that can break due to your carelessness and cause permanent damage to your iPhone. After cleaning the microphone, try sound testing on your iPhone. If you see that the audio output is clear and error-free, then your phone’s microphone has no problem.

I hope that by following these methods you can solve the problem caused by the microphone of your iPhone. And your iPhone’s microphone will work. If you find my article helpful, then you must like, comment and share. Thank you!

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