Is My Kitty Self-Defense Keychain Worth It?

You are walking in the street; it is quite dark. Suddenly you noticed some guy is following you. Creepy, right?

This scenario is not fictional; many people have experienced robbery, attempt assault in the street. Be it, man or woman. That’s why self-defense is important.

With the rising crime going on in the world, self-defense products have increased in popularity. My kitty self-defense keychain is one of them.

I discussed some common inquiries about this self-defense keychain.

What Is A Self-Defense Keychain?

Self-defense keychains are specialized keychains with a sharp, sturdy object attached, which helps the victim to defend from any attack.

Keychains play an important role in our life. There are many shapes, sizes, and stylized keychains available in the market.

There is a wide range of self-defense keychains too. People usually hold them in their hands when they feel unprotected. When an attack is attempted, these keychains are used for defending the owner.

As keychains are very common and small in size, it is easily conciliable. So women who work at night shift or alone in the street can conceal it in their hands.

These specialized chains are made with high-quality materials, which make them sustainable.

You can also use them as a gift item.

Are Our Self-Defense Keychains Useful?

Self-defense keychains are useful as a primary object to save yourself from the attacker.

When you are falling victim to any situation, it is best to run away. But running away needs a distraction; this is where the self-defense keychain comes in handy.

These, my kitty self-defense keychains, are made of strong ABS plastic. Normal plastic tends to break easily. But ABS plastics are very special.

This plastic can even bear chemical reactions and physical damage. Scientists tested in the lab.

Some self-defense keychains or knuckles are not that useful. They are made of poor-quality materials. Resin, normal plastic is not sufficient for self-defense.

You can only use them as a showpiece, not for your safety.

There are some metal knuckles or keychains available too. Metals are strong in terms of corrosion. But make sure they don’t hurt you. Self-defense keychains should be user-friendly too.

Otherwise, how can you attack the attacker?

Where Can I Get A Self-Defense Keychain?

Self-defense keychains are becoming very popular now. Especially the kitty keychain. They look innocent and can be used as a normal keychain too.

My kitty self-defense keychains are widely available on Amazon. You can find a variety of colors and designs. Just make sure to buy the high-quality one.

You can also get it from “the home security super store.” Their website has a high-quality ABS plastic kitty keychain. They have a 4.8-star rating. People love it.

Divas for Defense also sells these stabby kitty keychains.

The best thing is this keychain is very cheap. You can get it from $5 to $10.

How To Use A Kitty Keychain

The stabby kitty keychains have two holes in the cat’s eye. You have to put your fingers there. Grab the kitty chain strongly.

The keychain has sturdy, sharp ears. Hence, if someone attacks you, use this stabby kitty with all your energy and blow it to a soft tissue or nerve point.

The stabby tabbies are compact so that you can sneak them into your pocket or hands. The assaulter won’t even notice.

How To Choose The Right Keychain?

The right type of self-defense keychain depends on your age, choice, flexibility of usage, and the most important material.

There are many types of keychains available, from simple pens to kitty keychains or bulldog chains. Some of them even have a small knife concealed in them.

Choose the one that goes with you. If you like dogs, then you can choose the bulldog one. A cat person would love to have the kitty keychain. Both have a strong, sharp ear that serves the defense purpose.

If you are willing to buy plastic keychains, then give attention to the plastic. Ask the seller which plastic it is and check the reviews.

There are metal pens and kubotans available as a keychain too. If you feel comfortable in pen-type substances, then Kubota is a great option.

It has an easy-grip, as we are all accustomed to holding pen.

Are Kitty Knuckles Legal In The UK?

Unfortunately, kitty knuckles are declared as weapons in the UK. You may even get arrested or compensate for having a kitty keychain.

Then what can you do for your self-defense in the UK? As self-defense weapons are prohibited, you can use a strong metal pen.

The pen is not a weapon. So you can keep it. Make sure the pen is made of high-quality metal.

Are Self-Defense Keychains Legal In Georgia?

Self-defense keychains are legal in Georgia on a certain condition.

According to Georgia Code Section 16-3-21 (Use of force),

You can use force if you think the suspect will surely attack you or has attacked you.

Deadly force can be applied if the assault risks your life, and you may have to prove it to the authority.

But keep in mind, you cannot be the first person to attack.

Are Our Self-Defense Keychains Illegal In New York?

Self-defense keychains are legal in NY now, as far as I know. But you have to buy the product inside NY, and it must be pocket-sized.

But it wasn’t legal before. So it is better to ask your nearest police station if you can or can’t use it.

Are Self-Defense Keychains Legal In Virginia?

Attorney Gilbert Ambler of U.S. LawShield in Virginia confirms that self-defense keychains are legal in Virginia.

But you have to be 18+, and the keychain can be used for self-defense purposes only.

Are Self-Defense Keychains Legal In Minnesota?

Section 609.66 confirms that you cannot use any metal knuckles or switchblades. But here is the problem.

They said you could not use it unlawfully. But self-defense is not unlawful. So you may ask your lawyer or police for further explanation.

Are Self-Defense Keychains Legal In Texas?

On September 1, 2019, self-defense keychains were declared legal in Texas. Includes- kitty keychains, brass knuckles. But teasers are still banned.

It is such happy news for Texans as they were fined $4000 for carrying a kitty keychain. But guns and rifles in public were legal.

Weird right?

That’s why the texas govt has lifted the ban from self-defense keychains.

Self Defense Keychain Small Business

My kitty self-defense keychains are super trendy now, along with other keychains.

So opening a small keychain business is quite lucrative.

You can order bulk keyrings from wholesalers and sell them online.

These keychains are very cheap. So you don’t need a high-cost investment. Even a student can run a self-defense keychain business.

Final Verdict

Self-defense is not a luxury but a common need. Crime rates are rising, and traveling alone has become difficult, especially for women. All you need is my kitty self-defense keychain and a little bravery to save yourself from unwanted situations.

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