Signs He Is Hurting After The Breakup [Rethink Psychology]

You’re in a relationship and your partner feels the same way you do. Then it is sure to say that you are in a beautiful relationship. But not all relationships last until the end of life. Some relationships break down in the middle. Breakup is a painful experience in life. It hurts you and makes you cry.

You may think that you are suffering as much as your ex is suffering or has moved on already. This is normal. You will miss your ex and you will cry a lot when you remember him.

Signs He Is Hurting After The Breakup

Well, you might think that guys don’t feel bad after a breakup. Nothing affects them. They move on to a new relationship after the breakup and are much happier with his new girlfriend.

But do you have any idea what the real truth is?

In fact, your ex misses you and also misses your obsession. But he never reveals it. He always hides his feelings in front of the public.

There are some signs that your ex is hurting after break up…

5 Best Signs He Is Hurting

1.He Unfriends You On Social Media

He Unfriends You On Social Media

At first, he will stop communicating with you. On social media, he will make you unfriend from his friend list. He will also unfollow you on Instagram, and try to take leave from all the social sites that you can contact him. He will cut off communication with your mutual friends, and also delete or block your number. You realize that he can do many other things that will hurt you

You might think he’s in a new relationship, so he’s doing it. No, you are absolutely wrong.

Remember, the thing that guys like the most is Avoid. They think it goes with their personality.

Now many questions may come to your mind. Why does he do that, does he do it to hurt you?

Then why do guys do this after break up?

He gets hurt when he sees you active on social media. He doesn’t want to see your daily updates or daily stories, or about your location. In fact, he wants to avoid you, so that he does not get hurt. That’s why he follows these kinds of ways.

2.He Deletes All Of Your Pictures And Memorizes

He will delete all your pictures and memorize them from his phone, and will delete all the pictures you have together from social media. Most of the time he avoids these and deletes everything.

You might think he’s in a new relationship so he’s trying to forget everything, but this isn’t the case.

Because when he sees your pictures, he will remember how happy he was with you. And these memories will bother him severally. But he does not want to hurt, so he does all this.

3.He Can’t See You Face To Face

He Can’t See You Face To Face

When a beautiful relationship breaks up, the both of them become hurt. At that time the emotion level is very high, no logic works. Then you will always think why it happened, everything was fine in our relationship. What I did wrong or where I was wrong?

But after the separation, both of you will be heartbroken, confused, and hesitant. You have no sense why this all is happening. After the separation, many become emotional and hurt themselves due to ignorance.

But what actually happens in the case of guys.

Your ex will never want to see you after the separation. Because he can’t deal with what has happened.

When he sees your face, his pain and anger will increase. He remembers he lost you and he’s in pain and angry for you. He’ll just remember how badly he treated you, so he lost you. These will give him a lot of trouble and he will not be able to handle it.

Because of that he never wants to meet face to face.

4.He Starts Showing Up To Places You Frequent

He Starts Showing Up To Places You Frequent

After break up, sometimes the behavior of the boys is very transparent. They do things that he does on his own but react as if it’s just a coincidence.

For example, he will go to the places where you can be found. And when he meets you, he will react as if he did not know that you will be found here. And then he’ll ignore you, he won’t talk to you. In fact, he won’t even ask you how you are. These guys are too much man for that. He knows where to find you and he will go there and do the show up in front of you. He does this just to see you because he missed you very badly. And can’t tell you how he feels, he just wants to see your face.

It is natural that such behavior should hurt you. He misses you after the breakup, and that’s proof of that.

5.Obsessive Thoughts And Cravings

Obsessive Thoughts And Cravings

Your ex probably confused himself and started avoiding the whole situation. He is started getting obsessive and buzzing about the breakup.

He’ll want you back in a relationship. He will try to start anew and communicate with you. He will do something to make you happy, and also he will make interesting conversations to keep you happy.

You may wonder why he is doing this now.

Because when there is separation, he is in a lot of pain and anger. Then he starts to worry and realizes he can’t stay without you.

This shows that their feelings have been processed and they have hurt a lot since the breakup. If you see these signs in your ex, you will understand that he also suffered a lot after the separation. And he hurts after the breakup.

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