What Teenage Guys Want In A Relationship

Before you start dating a teenage guy, do you know what teenage guys want in a relationship? They are more reserved to say their feelings, but today we reveal what they expect from their partner in all senses.

By nature, man does not express his feelings. And perhaps it is not because of machismo but because of his personality. Shame maybe! But, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have them. Loving implies being connected in mind and body. You don’t live a relationship to please someone; you live a relationship to share your happiness.

If you are dating a teenage boy, you really may feel insecure about his behaviors? Don’t you feel? It is very reasonable. But, eventually, you need to know what your partner wants from you. For that, you need to understand his feelings, read his mind, and realize what he wants.

Therefore, here in this guide, we are going to discuss what teenage guys want in a relationship. So, let’s start:


What Teenage Guys Want In A Relationship -12 things That are Looking For

What Teenage Guys Want In A Relationship

1.To Be Praised

To Be Praised


My love, how handsome you are! That shirt looks cute on you! How delicious you make it! Those kinds of compliments, as well as the professional ones, are the ones your guy needs to hear.

Often they are surprised or even complain that their partners are unable to recognize what they are good at. Your compliments will not make you arrogant but will strengthen that bond that unites you. The reward will come later, and it will be rewarding.

2.To Be loved

To Be loved

It is no secret to anyone that teenage boys can be very sexual. Quite the opposite of a teenage girl. Because teenage girls are more communicative. So if he touches you and you respond to those caresses, he will feel loved. Of course, if it is by force, it never works.

3.Be Interested In His Passion

Be Interested In His Passion


Every teenage boy has a dream. It can be unique, and it may not match with yours. But, don’t argue with him about that. It can hurt his ego, and eventually, it will make some distance between the two of you! Therefore, he always tries to be interested in his passions. Tell him that his passions are great, and one day, he will be successful in his life. He will be pleased with that.

4.Take Initiative

Take Initiative


Why, if your boyfriend turns you on, you don’t take the initiative? Dare to start a unique moment, not wait for it to look for you. You do it. I assure you that his reaction will be incredible. You will like it! So, always try to be as good as you can be and start doing something to make him happy. Believe me; It does work!




The respect you express towards him is vital. If your boy ties up dots and discovers that by your behavior, you are not satisfied with him as a person and a professional, he can’t trust you to love you and be happy.

So, make sure that you have respect for him. Actually, not only for him but also for everything he does. A teenage guy can be idiotic in his works, but you have to bear them and cheer him up!

6.Be Funny With Him

Be Funny With Him

Thinking about what teenage guys want in a relationship? Wait on; it is a significant factor to look at. The teenage period is one of the best times in a person’s life. Naturally, every teenage guy wants to enjoy his life and be happy.

So, you have to be funny with him, making jokes about several topics. Make him smile all the time, and in return, he will make you smile too!

7.Receiving Encouragement

Receiving Encouragement


He will never recognize it (let alone in front of his friends!), But your boy sometimes doubts himself. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night trying to solve problems in his head. In those moments of anxiety, what helps you the most is your spirits. He needs you to be with him and support his decisions. In that way, the bond of your relationship will be much stronger than ever.

8.Texting Him Frequently


Teenagers are always fond of messaging with their partners. It’s a modern trend, and you have to follow it. By texting frequently, you will spend some time with your loved one. In this way, a special feeling will from his side towards you!


Texting Him Frequently

A great truth: boys are not afraid of arguments. Discuss with him about the topics that he is passionate about, and you will see that he is not silent. But be careful, because he also discusses in his way: he does not like to analyze past events or to turn things around or measure everything. Do not hesitate to tell your day, but do not extend it in detail.

You just have to let him be what he is. Teenage boys are very aggressive by nature, but you have to relax with him and discuss his needings!




Before being a couple, we are friends. That is the relationship that exists between a teenage boy and a girl. Why? Because they are accompanied at all times, they confide their fears; they lean on projects. Like us, they need a confidant. Of a person who treasures his weaknesses and who is capable of being a safe space to fall. It is how, over time, they manage to show their cracks. Don’t encourage him to find another girl who is capable of hearing it.

11.Give Him Free Time

Give Him Free Time

It is difficult to assimilate, but they need free time to go out with their friends, play soccer, go for a long trip with friends. You just can’t stop him from doing these, and in reply, he will also give you some free space.




Teenage guys enjoy their partners having fun with friends, in their favorite sport, he needs you to build your own identity. Because if you do not contribute something that is yours, the relationship will be based on one. Value the treatment you give your boy, and if you have to improve in some aspects, you still have time. If you love it, it’s worth it!


Teenage relationships are very complicated. It’s hard to understand the needings of a teenage guy. But, in one way, it’s pretty simple. You just have to be mature, funny, friendly and loving with him and he will be happy for sure. So, that’s all about what teenage guys want in a relationship. You can follow the guide in order and utilize it in your life in your way!

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